December 06, 2019

Till the last Afghan

Till the last Afghan

Afghanistan is known as the Graveyard of Empires because Afghans have crushed all those who have invaded our homeland. From Alexander to Genghis and from the British to the USSR, everyone has witnessed and experienced that this land and its proud people can never be conquered and all have ultimately conceded their defeats.

History is witness that in Afghanistan rivers of filthy blood of invaders and their slaves have flown in the ravines and mountains of this land and the world will witness, Allah willing, that yet another empire will be defeated in Afghanistan by this brave Mujahid people.

Let it be known to the idol of this age and to the so called super power America and its President that this proud people will resist and fight till the last Afghan. Afghans are determined to fight the American invaders and their local and foreign allies till they are expelled from Afghanistan, even if it takes another 18 years because Afghans can never compromise on Islam or their sovereignty.

Afghans as a nation have never bowed down to the bullying of foreigners nor will they bow to the bullying of a mad President like Donald Trump. The American President should read the history of the Presidents before him who failed to succeed in Afghanistan. From Bill Clinton, George Bush to Barack Obama, every American President failed to succeed in their nefarious and evil plans in Afghanistan.

Let it be known to the American President who thinks he can wipe out Afghanistan that the Afghans haven’t forgotten their forefathers and leaders who gave them guidance and freedom by blessing them with the light of Islam. The voice of the leader of the believers Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (may Allah have his mercy on him) still resonates in the ears of every Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan when he said:

“I am ready to sacrifice everything in completing the unfinished agenda of our noble Jihad – until there is no bloodshed in Afghanistan and Islam becomes a way of life for our people”.

What was said 19 years ago by the great leader of Afghanistan is the policy and the way forward for all the people in Afghanistan, each standing shoulder to shoulder with the Mujahideen holding firmly onto their Islamic beliefs in front of the American invaders and their slaves.

To summarize, the Americans must understand that the escalation of war will solely result in more losses and no particular successful end in the foreseeable future. The American occupation will remain ineffective and costly for the Americans and will remain an open wound that will ultimately result in their complete collapse and withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The longest war in the history of America will end as a defeat for the Americans and the 21st century which is known as the century of American domination shall forever be remembered as the century in which America as a super power was laid to rest in the Graveyard of Empires.

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