December 06, 2019

Who are terrorists and whom freedom fighters?

Who are terrorists and whom freedom fighters?

One of the greatest achievements of the new century and past few decades is the media. The creation and launch of this effective phenomenon gave hopes to mankind that perhaps it would be used as a healthy guide for humanity and will clearly distinguish between truth and falsehood, right and wrong and between the innocent and blameworthy.

Unfortunately, this effective tool termed media fell into the hands of oppressive forces from the very start. Instead of using media for teaching and the healthy upbringing of common citizens, they employed it to misguide them and keep them busy. They began efforts of distorting truth to confuse the masses and then misuse this confusion for their own interests.

As an example, our country has been invaded by American forces and our believing nation is opposing them with armed Jihad. The media termed this American occupation in the initial years as ‘Enduring Freedom’ and called foreign invaders as those fighting for the freedom of Afghanistan. On the other side the Afghan Mujahideen struggling for the freedom of their own homeland were labelled terrorists and this term loosely thrown around in the media.

If we however look at the realities then this argument is reversed because international customs dictate that a terrorist is anyone that seeks to spread shock and terror into common people for own political interests. At this very moment the invaders and their domestic mercenaries have launch a campaign of spreading terror into ordinary people in an effort to control the waves of Jihadi uprising. They carry out raids every single night with the sole purpose of spreading terror. People including multiple family members, children and women are ruthlessly murdered with the only aim of terrorizing the Mujahideen with terror tactics. In short, such inhumane and blind attacks against civilians is the true embodiment of terrorism.

On the other hand, the Mujahideen are champions of freedom because their homeland has been attacked by foreign aggressors. Exactly as the movements seeking freedom rose up across the world against colonialists in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and began their struggle which resulted in them taking back sovereignty of their lands. Today those exact same freedom fighters who were labelled as miscreants and terrorists by the colonialists are hailed by their own people as national heroes.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that just as our struggle is an individual religious obligation, it is also one of the most sacred struggles according to international customs. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are not terrorists but truthful Mujahideen and heroes of struggle for freedom. This reality might be covered by the dust of enemy propaganda but history shall clarify this truth and future generations shall celebrate the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate just as they celebrate their heroes of Jihad against the British Empire who protected their motherland from bloody colonization.

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