August 25, 2019

Over 100 including key officers killed and wounded in Kandahar martyr attack

Over 100 including key officers killed and wounded in Kandahar martyr attack

KANDAHAR, July. 19 – Amid ongoing Al Fath operations, at around 4:00 pm local time martyr attacks launched on Kandahar police headquarter and lasted till early morning hours today, causing heavy corporeal losses to enemy.

Details say, operations conducted by 4 martyrdom seeking Mujahideen. Initially one martyrdom seeking Mujahid detonated his explosive laden vehicle and enabled 2 others Mujahideen equipped with heavy and light arms to enter the head quarter and launch operations against enemy there. Later on, when ASF troops arrived for reinforcement to area came under another explosive laden vehicle bomb blast, killing and wounding scores of enemy personnel. Likewise at 8:00 pm local time another vehicle was detonated that caused serious losses to enemy.

According to reports, more than 100 enemy personnel including 4 key commanders have been killed and wounded the head quarter is mostly destroyed while several vehicles and military equipment have been destroyed as well.

The attack is the response of brutal combined enemy operation and atrocities being carried out against Afghan nation.

Islamic Emirate’s martyrdom squad has the responsibility of attacking key enemy check posts, intelligence and police headquarters in order to take away enemy ability of carrying savageries against oppressed Afghan nation.

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