August 25, 2019

Why are regime soldiers getting slaughtered like sheep?

Why are regime soldiers getting slaughtered like sheep?

As per the account of the regime leadership, more than forty-five thousand soldiers have been killed under the watch of the current heads of Kabul administration over the past 5 years alone and this figure does not include the devastating losses of the current year. Moreover, thousands of other regime soldiers have been crippled and lost all capabilities of ever fighting on the battlefields or providing for their families.

Some independent media outlets and international observers have reported that the Kabul regime under Ashraf Ghani has lost more than twenty five percent of it’s force strength and continues to lose an average 250 soldiers per week. One has to bare in mind that these are conservative estimates because the regime has taken measures to hide true casualty toll due to the adverse effect it have on the morale of its forces who are already stretched thin and living in dire conditions.

Looking at the casualties of the regime forces one can easily understand that the morale of regime forces has hit a new low and have lost all will to fight. The regime is on the defensive and currently fighting to remain relevant in its strongholds whereas the Mujahideen are continuing their advances and encirclement of enemy forces.

The American invaders have poured billions of taxpayer money to prop up the Kabul administration security forces yet the current combat operations in Afghanistan continue to be run by the Americans due to regime incompetency. The military leadership of Kabul is merely used for media manipulation while the real reins of this war are with the Americans who run the show behind the curtains. Recently, many American special operations forces personnel have been killed by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan across Afghanistan which proves the high level of the American military involvement in the battles against Mujahideen.

The regimes forces are sitting ducks once they face Mujahideen on the battlefields and are only managing to survive with American airpower and scorch earth policy of aerial bombings which has consequently proven utterly unproductive due to the high number of civilian casualties and backlash it generates against the regime and invaders.

The regime soldiers are getting slaughtered like sheep because they fight for a few hundred dollars while the families of their leadership reside in foreign countries and enjoy western comforts. They have no real purpose of fighting and it shows during military operations. Whenever there is no aerial support for the regime soldiers, they cannot even move an inch against the Mujahideen. The myth of the strength of the regime commandos/special forces has been shattered as entire companies have been wiped out in single strokes of Mujahideen brilliance.

The Mujahideen on the other hand fight with strong resolve and determination to rid their homeland of the invaders and cleanse it from the prevalent corruption. The Mujahideen are fighting for a clear cause of while the regime soldiers are fighting for their monthly salary.

The soldiers of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have won many significant battlefield victories this year since the announcement of the new operations. Many soldiers along with notorious criminals in the regime military leadership have been killed and entire districts cleared from their presence.

The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have no other option but to eliminate those fighting against the interests of Islam and Afghanistan under the tutelage of the invaders. The only way forward for the regime soldiers is to abandon this stooge regime and receive protection of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, otherwise they will be shown no mercy for their treason and will continue to be slaughtered like sheep.

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