August 25, 2019

Kabul approval for Black Water genocide

Kabul approval for Black Water genocide

There were some reports that American Black Water mercenary company was fighting against the Afghan nation but authentic evidence was lacking. Recently some indication proves the presence of Black Water criminals embedded with Kabul regime troops.

On August 26th, a clash between Mujahideen and enemy troops took place in Nasiro Killi area of Surobi district, Kabul province, during which 18 combined enemy personnel were killed with military uniform, helmets and other equipment emblazoned with Black Water markings were left behind.

Sometimes ago, western media outlets published reports that the Trump administration was entertaining the possibly of handing over the Afghan war to Black Water and other mercenary companies to which Kabul regime responded that it would never allow contractors to take over the Afghan war. But now the same Black Water embedded with Kabul regime troops raid Afghan compounds, steal valuables, martyr women and children for sports, destroy Madrasas, mosques, schools and clinics and harass Afghan public in various ways.

The spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate, Zabihullah Mujahid, declared in his statement about activities of Black Water embedded alongside Kabul regime troops “International Human Right organizations and war crime tribunals must also understand that transferring war duties to notorious Black Water mercenaries by the Kabul administration and Americans is a deliberate act of opening the doors for atrocities and supporting mass murder”.

Inhuman Black Water mercenaries were also seen in battles with Mujahideen in Farah and Helmand provinces. The foolish enemy assumes that the war which could not be won by hundreds of thousand trained troops can be won with the use of Black Water mercenaries. The enemy must realize that war against Afghan nation can never by won since the enemy has ample resources and weapons but has been punished and seen defeat at the hands of the Afghans.

If the enemy continues their crimes against Afghan public by any name or in any uniform, the result will not only be inefficient but will also upsurge opposition that will lead to their ultimate defeat.

The Islamic Emirate vows to protect its homeland along with the life and honor of its people. It will continue its struggle for sovereignty and establishment of an Islamic system and will eliminate whoever becomes an obstacle for the best interests of the nation, whether it is invaders, Kabul regime troops or Black Water.

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