August 25, 2019

This opportunity should not be squandered

This opportunity should not be squandered

Afghanistan has been mired in a crisis over the past few decades and the United States has been also been drawn into this conflict for 18 years now. America and her allies attacked Afghanistan and sent a large number of troops to our homeland.

To find a solution to the issue to Afghanistan, American officials along with their Afghan and international partners employed a plethora of strategies. From armed operations to military pressure, alteration of generals, troop surges, espionage, propaganda and a slew of other efforts yet none proved effective because they lacked any sound logic and proper accounting behind it therefore a solution to the crisis remained elusive and the longest war in the history of America continues to drag on, causing material and human losses to all sides involved.

Historic experiences show that conflicts are never resolved with more conflict but only through dialogue and reaching an understanding. The past eighteen years have been a living proof of this fact hence the launch of the negotiations process and the continual progress witnessed in it.

Two important advances in resolving the Afghan issue were observed since the start of the current month in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Firstly, a new round of negotiations between the representatives of the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan and the United States of America and secondly, a two-day intra-Afghan conference, both of which proved more fruitful than ever before.

Both of these sittings showed that all sides of the Afghan conflict are currently committed to finding a solution to issues at hand and consider dialogue and negotiations as the only path forward. This multi-faceted consensus about a peaceful resolution is a historic opportunity and if utilized correctly, can find a solution to the current crisis that is acceptable to all sides and can safeguard both sides from the toll of war.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all sides to give importance to the opportunity at hand and just as is vital, to treat this matter with utmost seriousness and trust. To enter the peace process with complete sincerity and courage so that true and effective steps can be taken towards a final solution. We must remember that the nations effected by this war expect nothing less from all involved parties.

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