July 15, 2019

Enemy suffers heavy toll in country’s southeast 

PAKTIA, July 12 – An unknown number of the enemy is reported to have suffered casualties in a clash with Mujahideen in Chamkani district of southeastern Paktia province on Thursday.

In another report,  an enemy soldier was shot dead during an attack on a check post in Ahmad Khel district of Paktia province last night.

According to reports from neighboring Paktika province, an Arbaki was wounded following an attack on a post belonging to the local militia in Yahya Khel district of Paktika province last night, while an enemy abandoned a post in Mata Khan district of Paktika province last night.

In a report from neighboring Khost province, a roadside bomb blast ripped through a military vehicle in the provincial capital of Khost province on Thursday, leaving all those aboard it dead and wounded, while 2 enemy soldiers were killed and 1 got hurt in a bomb attack in Do Mando district of Khost province on Friday morning.

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