October 21, 2019

Over 13 killed, post overrun in Ghazni 

Over 13 killed, post overrun in Ghazni 

GHANI, July 12 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate seized control of a check post in Dayak district of Ghazni province last night, killing at least 10 enemy military personnel while taking hold of 7 Kalashnikov machine guns, 1 PK heavy machine gun, 1 RPG rocket, 1 tank, and ammo. A tank was also destroyed after coming under rocket fires.

Also on Thursday, Mujahideen intercepted the enemy military convoy along Kabul-Kandahar highway in the limits of Qarabagh district, killing 3 enemy soldiers and leaving 4 more wounded.

Separately, 2 policemen got hurt when Mujahideen targeted a post in the provincial capital of Ghazni province last night.

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