October 21, 2019

2 women martyred, 3 children injured

2 women martyred, 3 children injured

 KAPISA, July 12 – The enemy fired mortar shells into the residential area one of which slammed into the compound belonging to a civilian, Sar Toor, in Tagab district of Kapisa province last night in which 5 members of his family suffered casualties of whom 2 women were martyred and 3 children were wounded.

In another report, the combined U.S invaders and their puppets amid nighttime aggression inflicted heavy losses on the civilians, ransacking their houses and abducting 2 villagers from their homes in Char Baran district of Kapisa province the other night.

Similarly, the combined U.S terrorists and their puppets broke into the shops and houses in a village in Qarabagh district of southern Ghazni province, looting the cash, valuables, and foodstuff.

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