November 18, 2019

Why Target Logistic Center of Defense Ministry?

Why Target Logistic Center of Defense Ministry?
Recently, courageous Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate launched a daring attack on the logistics and engineering facilities of the defense ministry in Kabul. The successful attack involved dozens of American army officers and those of the quisling forces meeting a humiliating death. Such was the preparation for this attack that apart from a few people suffering minor injuries due to shards of glass breaking in far-off homes; no civilians died.
However, as is customary with the media, it began publishing images of the few people injured while completely ignoring the deaths of enemy officials killed in the attack. This clear deception will certainly damage the media’s own standing but is also a great injustice with the general public who deserve to be made aware of the truth.
Meanwhile, the war-mongering invaders and Kabul administration have stepped up terrorism against the Afghan civilian population with daily operations being carried out against the most vulnerable in any society — women and children. Not content with only this, they further target mosques, schools, clinics and marketplaces. The homes and shops of civilians who have no involvement in the war are also targeted and demolished. It must be noted that such incidents are not limited to any particular district or province of Afghanistan but are rife country-wide.
Aware of enemy barbarity, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have always sought to safeguard the life, wealth and honor of the Afghan people. Their constant sacrifices since the beginning of the U.S. invasion are testimony to this. The Mujahideen have not wavered throughout these years and remain absolutely clear that to avenge the crimes inflicted on their oppressed nation, the enemies of the faith and country must continue to be made targets inside Afghanistan — wherever found and at whichever time.
As part of the Islamic Emirate’s efforts in this regard, the Mujahideen had also recently liberated Maruf district of Kandahar. Dozens of enemy officials were killed and a great number of weapons were seized. Apart from this, the enemy was further pushed back from areas under its control in such provinces as Badghis, Faryab, Farah, Balkh, Kunduz, Ghazni, Zabul and Kandahar. The public were delivered from the barbaric enemy and are currently living peacefully under the shade of the white flag of Islamic Emirate.
It should be taken into consideration that this attack will not be the last of its kind on America’s Afghan slaves. The Mujahideen are prepared to conduct many more deadly attacks to avenge the innocent Afghan children, women and general civilians targeted by forces of the Kabul administration. Such attacks will not be halting anywhere in the near future, rather are sure to become a routine occurrence in the lives of Afghanistan’s quislings.
The Kabul administration’s uniformed slaves will continue protecting American interests with their lives even while their safety lies in resisting American aggression and refraining from attacking the civilian population. Though they may seek various means of protection, they will find themselves unable to resist the well-organized attacks of the Islamic Emirate prepared specially for them. Their very places of refuge and protection will be destroyed and a lesson made from their humiliating end to be taught to their fellow comrades, Allah Willing.

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