September 19, 2019

Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed

Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has magnificently demonstrated the terms of political maneuvering and methodical flexibility in dealing with the Western powers and regional countries while preserving its Islamic and Afghan values.

Today the battle against the US invaders and their stooges in Afghanistan is a battle of faith and disbelief. It is something greater than the narrow curricula and the despicable mantras of the stooges.

Peace in Afghanistan will remain elusive if the Americans prolong their invasion of Afghanistan and if they continue to work with a regime which is against the will of the Afghan nation. War has been imposed on Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has shown practically to the whole world that they will defend Afghanistan against the invaders which is their rightful duty as Muslims and representative of the Afghan nation.

The current criminal regime in Kabul and its leadership are a bunch of war profiteers and mafia bosses who see their benefits in the continuation of war in Afghanistan. They were brought by the American invaders in their military planes along with their military equipment when they invaded Afghanistan 18 years ago.

The current regime which is in shambles and internally divided because of corruption has made the lives of ordinary Afghans miserable. The ordinary Afghans are sick and tired of the corruption, insecurity and intimidation of the regime warlords.

The battlefield victories of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and its control over more than 70 percent of the country is the testimony of the resolve of Afghan Mujahid nation against the Americans invaders. The regional countries have also accepted the diplomacy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for working towards regional peace and harmony. On the other hand, the current regime is helping fanatics like DAESH directly to destabilize the region and use it as a tool for its survival.

The American invaders and their stooges are stuck in their own quagmire and the only way out for the Americans is to abolish the unlawful pacts signed with the stooges of Kabul regime and leave Afghanistan to the will of the Afghan nation. The reasons for the big setbacks and defeats for the American invaders and their stooges in the battlefield and on the political front are crystal clear; they are rejected by the Afghan nation who shall settle for nothing less than a full restoration of Shariah law.

The western imposed democracy has failed in Afghanistan and the whole world is witness to it. The current regime which is installed by the Americans has become a circus so divided internally that the people working for the regime are turning against each other.

The sacrifices of the Mujahedeen and the brave Afghan nation are and were for the rule of Shariah law in a free and independent Afghanistan. From defeating the previous invaders to bringing the American invaders to their knees, all of this is for an independent Afghanistan where every Muslims is equal under the justice and equality of Shariah law.

The will of Afghan nation is live under the shade of a pure Islamic state. For Afghans, the re-imposition of Shariah law and a free and independent Afghanistan are their ultimate goals. So everyone should understand that nothing is agreed until the establishment of Shariah law in free and independent Afghanistan is agreed.

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