September 19, 2019

Uncertain fate of 33 thousand prisoners

Uncertain fate of 33 thousand prisoners

The uncertain fate of tens of thousands of Afghans in the prisons of invaders and their installed stooge administration is an issue so sensitive and critical that it must be given the same level of attention as discussions about war and peace and all its related aspects must be examined.

From the time Afghanistan was occupied by foreign invaders, common citizens in the vast villages and cities are detained under pretext of political opposition on a daily basis, kept imprisoned from months and years on end and their right of living a free life in their motherland taken away by the foreign invaders and their mercenaries.

Up until this very day, no independent investigation or survey has been conducted into prisons run by the invaders and the stooge administration in order to bring clarity to the matter and uncover realities. A few days earlier however, the Advisor for the Ministry of Interior Affairs Directorate of Prisons – General Habibullah Rizwani – told media outlets that they currently hold 33 thousand Afghans in detention centers among which 22 thousand are kept in prisons and 11 thousand in secret detention centers.

These 33 thousand inmates are figures known and registered in prisons listed with the Directorate of Prisons. But as the foreign invaders also operate prisons in their bases and local warlords are known for running private torture cells, it is still unknown how many more innocent countrymen would be languishing in these black sites. And as abductions during night raids and roadside searches continues, the situation becomes even more dire because keeping such a large number of prisoners and giving them their due rights in above and beyond the capacity of the corrupt Kabul administration. The mere fact that so many people are imprisoned increases the chances of a tragedy occurring, are deprived of rights of proper living conditions, food, medicine, visits and justice and all their humanitarian rights and even their own precious lives are deliberately put at risk.

We call on international human right organizations to launch a comprehensive investigation about the vital issue of prisons and prisoners in the open and secret detention centers of Afghanistan. The tens of thousands of Afghan inmates with majority being innocent must be rescued and their rights returned to them.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always used leniency with detainees in its prisons and wishes the opposition would adopt a similar approach because keeping tens of thousands of prisoners serves no other purpose than to identify the invaders and their hirelings as an oppressive, inhumane and barbaric enemy. History is witness that the previous communist regime had imprisoned an even larger number of individuals three decades earlier but in the end, it was this same tyranny that became a reason for the downfall of their rule.

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