September 19, 2019

The reality of media freedom under the US invaders in Afghanistan

The reality of media freedom under the US invaders in Afghanistan

Ever since the start of the US led invasion of Afghanistan, the invaders have tried to shape public narrative and opinion through malicious propaganda utilizing various print and electronic media outlets.

Afghan nation is a Mujahid nation that holds Islamic values very dear and has never compromised on Islam and its sovereignty. History is witness to the bravery of the Afghan nation and its sacrifices for Islam and Muslims.

Under the idea of press freedom or freedom of expression, the US invaders and their stooges are using media for malicious propaganda against the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. The media is used by the invaders to instill non-Islamic values into the Afghan society and persuade the youth not to join the ranks of Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Thousands of radio stations, television channels and social media are established and used by the invaders for this exact purpose.

Apart from the mission to de-Islamise  Afghanistan, the role of media has also been very bad in presenting the realities of ongoing US invasion in Afghanistan.

Majority of media outlets working for foreign agendas are conducting sham journalism. We have witnessed that those independent journalists who have presented a real picture of the US invasion are killed and beaten by the security services and are even jailed under the pretext of working against state thus curbing their rights of freedom of expression and preventing them from exposing the hidden realities to the general public.

Nowadays most media outlets active in Kabul and other big cities are funded by the regime and other foreign intelligence services to carry out anti-peace propaganda. The media outlets are under such government influence that they refrain from publishing any news pertaining to the staggering casualties of the pro-regime forces getting slaughtered on the battle fronts.

Fake news and reports are spread against the Mujahideen to malign them. Every day innocent civilians are being mercilessly killed in villages across Afghanistan in night raids and vicious aerial bombings but the media has turned a blind eye to the rise in civilian casualties at the hands of the regime and foreign invaders.

The war crimes of invaders are not reported, instead they are glorified by these controlled and foreign funded media outlets. Hundreds of youth are used as paid trolls to target Islamic values through social media. Media being an important pillar of governments in this day and age must not be coerced and must be allowed operate independently but unfortunately, media outlets in Afghanistan are acting as fifth column of invaders and have forgotten the values of journalism.

Independent journalists and media outlets should raise their voice against the regime and the brutalities of the invaders and against their war crimes in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always emphasized on the constructive role of free and independent media and have allowed journalists to report in the territory under the complete control of Mujahideen.

The media houses and outlets including print, broadcasting, and digital should realize their mistakes and stop malicious propaganda against Islamic values in Afghanistan.

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