September 19, 2019

Latest SIGAR report and reality of Kabul administration

Latest SIGAR report and reality of Kabul administration
In its recent report the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) revealed that the foreign invaders granted Kabul officials no participation in key decisions relating to security. On the contrary, top Kabul officials and those of the security forces would be given only instructions and orders. They would not be consulted for any plan and merely received orders to execute the schemes of Afghanistan’s occupiers. In other words, they were used against their own people in a manner most humiliating.
SIGAR’s well-founded report is based on the information of a former general. According to the report, funds assigned for the security sector in Afghanistan were not provided and there was no arrangement for their oversight either. SIGAR’s report also mentioned that the American Department of Defense is considering ending training to the airforce of the quisling administration after 2020.
This report confirmed and upheld the Islamic Emirate’s stance regarding the Kabul quislings being powerless slaves of the U.S. There is no doubt that they are but puppets of U.S. occupation which is why the Islamic Emirate has rejected their participation in peace talks or engaging with them in direct negotiations for a solution to the Afghan dispute. And understandably so, for neither does this quisling administration hold any status in the political field nor any ability in the military field for it to be acknowledged.
After SIGAR’s report, these individuals ought to reflect over their position. How long will they allow themselves to be dishonorably used and thereafter discarded for securing foreign interests? Why do they have the blood of innocent civilians on their hands in a fight supposedly against terrorism? Has their slavery become so deeply entrenched as to have deprived them of the faculty of reason? It is important that they accept the truth and doing so still remains relevant. They must abandon enmity with Islam and their own people, thereby avoiding condemnation in both the afterlife and annals of history.

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