September 19, 2019

The world and region embracing diplomacy and clear policy of Islamic Emirate

The world and region embracing diplomacy and clear policy of Islamic Emirate
Recently, at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Kyrgyzstan Ashraf Ghani called for some countries in the region and world to sever their political relations and diplomatic contact with the Taliban. He views these relations as further strengthening the Taliban and understands that they will not easily agree to conducting direct negotiations with his quisling administration.
That the world considers it vital to maintain contacts with the Islamic Emirate and the international community has appreciated the importance of its stance is greatly distressing for the Kabul administration. The participation of the Islamic Emirate’s high-ranking delegation in the Moscow meeting, negotiations with top Russian officials, the Islamic Emirate’s receiving of formal invitations from other countries and continuous travels of delegations have all further contributed to the increasingly miserable condition of Afghanistan’s quislings. As of now, commotion pervades puppet circles as their panic-stuck officials resort to sending a delegation weekly to some country or another in efforts to hinder the Islamic Emirate. Yet despite all such attempts, humiliation awaits the Kabul administration.
Countries of both the region and world have witnessed the quisling administration’s failure to establish peace in Kabul and a stable system for the wider country. The Kabul quislings are known to have failed terribly at governance even with American assistance, yet they still remain unwilling to abandon their seats. Meanwhile, the people they seek to govern have made apparent time and again their rejection of the ongoing failed governance by incompetent domestic mercenaries. Acknowledging these ground realities, many countries of both the region and world desire to rid Afghanistan of American oppression and maintain good relations with the Islamic Emirate that enjoys countrywide support.
By the Grace of Allah, important countries of the world are strengthening their ties with the Islamic Emirate in spite of Ghani and his supporters’ wasted propaganda efforts. Their reputation has been tarnished and very few people are willing to lend them an ear, which is the unfortunate end of all treacherous quislings who betray their faith and people. By contrast, the Islamic Emirate’s policy and stance has been well received internationally. It is therefore a matter of great concern for the Kabul administration that their lies are being viewed with increasing scepticism. Both the invaders and their puppets ought to understand that the period of successfully employing deception to mislead the world regarding the Afghan war is ending.

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