September 19, 2019

Scandalous circus in the name of Parliament

Scandalous circus in the name of Parliament

Generally speaking, every government is deemed a representative and embodiment of the aspirations of a nation. Governments carry the heavy burden of working for the interests of their people and country and protecting their status and proud values. All tasks and programs allotted by the law must be performed by a government such that it gives every citizen their due rights and establishes the rule of law domestically, while internationally, it bestows dignity upon its people and homeland. Officials that claim leadership of a people and nation but do not possess the capacity of representation, nor can perform their responsibilities domestically and internationally but only become a cause of shame on top of abject failure, such a regime has no right of continuing its illegal rule under any law.

The corrupt administration imposed on Afghanistan by foreign occupiers is an exact embodiment of such a frail, failed and scandalous regime that holds and continues to break international records in corruption, misappropriation, war crimes and other illegal activities.

As an example, lets take a look at the legislative branch or “parliament” of this stooge regime with an impartial lens. The parliamentary elections were initially delayed for three years during which time former MPs continued their work without any legal basis following which the election season began, an exhibitory voting process marred by thousands of rigging complaints took place after several months of scandalous campaigns and complete boycott of the people. But despite all this, the circus of elections did not end, rather a complete seven months after vote counting and related controversy, scuffles have erupted over the appointment of parliament speaker.

The disagreement over parliament speaker of the stooge regime and the manner it has spilled over and gained media coverage is absolutely shameful. This circus only serves to prove our claim that the rulers of Arg Palace under the shadow of occupiers are neither rulers of this dignified people nor do they posses the spiritual and ethical capacity to be the representatives of this proud land and nation.

The Islamic Emirate once again reminds its nation that the only path to salvation from the ongoing crisis, genocide, tragedies, corruption and ignominy is through eradication of all foreign and domestic factors that have imposed this situation on our people. We also declare to the world and our compatriots that all dishonorable activities including the scandalous parliament of the stooge regime can never represent a proud Afghanistan nor can the disgusting actions of these unwanted residents be ascribed to the honorable Afghans. All responsibility for these scandals rests squarely on the shoulders of the invaders who have brought forward these puppets and are using them for their own interests.

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