September 19, 2019

Moscow Conference and Rage of Liberals

Moscow Conference and Rage of Liberals
On 28 and 29 May, Russia hosted a conference marking a century of diplomatic ties between Russia and Afghanistan. The Taliban leadership also participated in the conference and presented the movement’s stance. Interestingly, this conference is being considered the first of its kind attended by the Taliban leadership that has been granted considerable coverage by international media. Various circles are now acknowledging that the Taliban by virtue of their morally superior cause and successful diplomacy are assuming the position of a respectable political power internationally.
Naturally, this occasion proved a rather arduous ordeal for the irreligious folk, a large portion of whose anti-Taliban argument consist of meaningless but nonetheless oft-recycled accusations of terrorism, extremism and so forth. They aim to de-legitimize a just cause thereby, but have yet to reach the desired results. Today when the father of the liberal world, namely America, has been forced into negotiating with the Islamic Emirate following recognition of the latter’s status as a political power, the liberals have increased in restlessness and rage as is clear on both social and print media. And rightly so, for the movement they sought to tarnish with now worn out terrorist labels has emerged as a respectable political power. Therefore, highly conscious of their unfavorable position, these individuals resorted to the usual mockery and accused the Taliban leadership of violating Islamic law by giving an interview to immodestly dressed female journalists.
Firstly, the said individuals are unconcerned as to whether Islam permits such activity. As is evident, they themselves are open and proud violators of the Islamic religion. Where their real concern lies, however, is in religiously devout Muslims being given regard by great powers internationally, which they consider intolerable. Paying attention to weak accusations of this like is therefore a waste of time. We have raised our pen on this subject because it has been repeated deceptively on a large scale. It is only unfortunate that some religious circles too have fallen victim to such deception. The following contains some points in relation to this.
The Taliban leadership is headed towards realizing the movement’s objectives while possessing full belief and certainty in all commands revealed in regards to veiling in the Quran. The rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan is witness to the praiseworthy measures taken with respect to the veil, as well as to prevent various crimes. It was because of this that the honor of Afghan mothers and sisters was preserved. The Taliban remain extremely serious toward the issue of veil, however, in the present political world there is no option but to appear before journalists. Among them are both males and females, and presenting our perspective demands that one answer their questions. If the female journalists are bareheaded, it is not the responsibility of the Taliban leadership to place coverings over them, though they can lower their gaze and the Taliban have fulfilled their responsibility in this regard. Examples of appearing before females can also be found in history. It is mentioned in Bukhari Shareef that Saeed bin Abil Hasan, brother of the famous Tabii Hazrat Hasan al Basri (may Allah have mercy on him), would go to such areas too in his jihadi journey wherein women would be bareheaded. Saeed bin Abil Hasan made an inquiry as to the ruling regarding such occasions to his brother. Hasan al Basri (may Allah have mercy on him) said to lower his glance at such time.
The Taliban leadership was confronted with the same issue in Moscow where they went to present their stance. Responding to the questions of journalists was of course a necessity, which the Taliban carried out with much confidence. The dis-ingenuity of the accusations is further revealed upon viewing those clips. The Taliban can be seen to have maintained the lowering of their gaze as far as was possible. Those who remain in doubt about the Taliban’s God-consciousness in this regard appear unable to escape their constantly fault-finding, restless nature.
The intense hatred for Islam held by secularists and liberals is such that it has rendered them unable to contain their obsessive urge to remain criticizing Islamic teachings and movements — hardly a new thing. They remain constantly alert for any such opportunity to launch further objections against Islam and its adherents. The Taliban leadership’s discussion with female journalists in Moscow was therefore also presented with such objective in mind and in such a manner as if to suggest that the Taliban had abandoned their stance and possibly adopted some of the immorality these individuals themselves cling to so ardently. Regardless, they are well aware that discussions with journalists on such occasions is a means to present and clarify one’s position. Their efforts to discredit the Taliban’s religious adherence have yet again failed and, by the Grace of Allah, had no significant impact on public opinion. Much to the dismay of the secularists and liberals, the Taliban remain heading toward their noble goal. May Allah the Most High be the Helper of the Islamically devout.

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