September 19, 2019

Why a campaign for Daesh?!

Why a campaign for Daesh?!
Head of U.S. Central Command Gen. Frank McKenzie has termed ISIS a serious threat to America, and in reference specifically to Afghanistan has stated that ISIS militants have “aspirations” to attack the U.S. However, so long as American pressure on them is maintained, they would not be able to do so.
Similar sentiments were echoed by other American officials and quisling leaders, yet the real motivation behind such statements ought to be questioned — is ISIS really such a terribly powerful force capable of targeting America from Afghanistan, or is an America desirous of continuing aggression and injustice engaged in its habitual fear-mongering yet again? Furthermore, if the U.S. is genuinely threatened by the group in Afghanistan, why the avoidance to strike the menace effectively and the hindering of our anti-ISIS efforts? All point to one thing.
Known persons associated with the quisling Kabul administration have on multiple occasions made admission of American assistance to ISIS in Afghanistan. Such assistance has consisted of, though not limited to, ISIS militants being transported by helicopters across areas and provided aid during battles with the Taliban. The Mujahideen have many a time pursued ISIS militants to their eventual encirclement but sure enough, American planes would make a timely arrival as saviors, bombing the Mujahideen and thus facilitating for their assets an escape route.
It remains, of course, no longer secret that both the invaders and Kabul quislings have taken to providing ISIS its funding and other resources, with the said reality most clearly demonstrated in the example of what ensued in Jowzjan province last year: no sooner had the Mujahideen begun their operation against ISIS in Jowzjan’s Darzab district that the occupying American army took to bombing Mujahideen frontlines, though this failed to prevent an ISIS defeat and the liberation of areas under its control. Meanwhile, the American army transported 250 ISIS militants, among them known leaders and prominent commanders, from the battlefield to safety in Kabul and Balkh where they were greeted with a loving welcome as one would a respected guest.
One must be careful not to mistake this conveyed reality as mere propaganda or speculation and neither is it an explanation provided solely by the Islamic Emirate, rather the Afghan public, authorities and neighboring countries too are aware of America’s outrageous ISIS project in Afghanistan. U.S.-directed military aid and propaganda efforts in this regard aim to weaken the widely-supported Islamic Emirate, threaten U.S. adversaries in the region and secure its interests. It remains abundantly clear to the well-informed that ISIS is but a tool of imperialistic powers whom continue to use the group to promote wars and conflict in the Muslim world.
The Islamic Emirate, however, assures its oppressed nation that jihad against the invading forces, Kabul quislings and ISIS shall endure. Let it remain absolutely clear that neither any foreign nor domestic power will be permitted to take lightly the future of the Afghan people and challenge their Islamic values and national interests.

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