December 11, 2019

Afghanistan in the month of May 2019

Afghanistan in the month of May 2019

N.B. This article consists of only those incidents, losses and casualties which are confirmed and admitted by the enemy as well. Still it is worth reminding that for the real amount of losses and casualties of the internal and foreign enemies, the official website of the Islamic Emirate should be visited on the regular basis.

May 2019 was fraught with significant incidents both in the battlefields and in the field of politics in our country. During this month, some strategically important districts and centers of the enemy came under Mujahidin’s control, in which crucial financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the enemy. Sixth round of peace talks in Doha, and the second session of inter-Afghan talks in Moscow were also held during this month. These and various other developments can be read under the following captions:

Losses and casualties of the foreign occupying forces:

Like previous months, in May 2019 too, the foreign occupying forces suffered significant losses and casualties, which were kept concealed from the external world according to their false and conceiving policies as usually.

On Wednesday 8th May, the foreign occupying forces reported that one of their soldier was killed in the western part of the country.

On Saturday 25th May, a military tank of the foreign occupying forces became the victim of a mine blast in which some foreign soldiers were killed and injured.

On Saturday 25th May, a military helicopter of the joint enemy forces collapsed in ‘Nozad’ district of Kandahar province and was completed destroyed, but the deceitful enemy admitted one casualty in this fatal incident.

On Friday 31st May, the ninth security circle inside Kabul was the witness of a huge blast on a convoy of the foreign occupying forces. In this incident, a military vehicle of this convoy was completely destroyed, in which several foreign soldiers were killed and wounded.

It is worth mentioning that at least twenty foreign forces lost their lives in the above incidents but the deceiving enemy admitted only two or three of their casualties.

Losses and casualties of the internal mercenaries:

Losses and casualties in all ranks of the internal enemy forces are at its peak as usual. Tens of their forces are killed and wounded on the daily basis during the capturing operations of their military centers and districts by Mujahidin. In the following lines some incidents are elaborated.

On Tuesday 7th May, the security commander of ‘Alingaar’ district in ‘Laghman’ province was killed along with five of his armed men.

On Saturday 11th May, the deputy head of the national security was killed in one of Mujahidin’s attacks in Baghlan province.

On Thursday 16th May, the commander of an operational brigade was killed along with his ten other soldiers in ‘Sewry’ district of Zabul province.

On the same day, a police center was indiscriminately bombed by the foreign occupying forces in the center of Helmand province, in which tens of mercenary policemen including four of their commanders were killed.

On Monday 27th May, the deputy executive head of the stooge admin was assassinated by some unknown armed men in Kunduz province.

Torture, casualties of civilian people:

Torture and sufferings of the civilian people not only remained incessant in May, rather it increased substantially throughout the country. During this month, hundreds of innocent people including children and women lost their lives during the brutal night raids and operations of the joint enemy forces. Actually the coward enemy wanted to increase pressure on the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate through this brutal tactic for pacifying them to accept their irrational and illegitimate demands in the ongoing negotiation process; but it was all in-vain. Some instances of civilian tortures and losses are elaborated in the following lines:

On Wednesday 1st May, media reported that civilian shops and houses in ‘Zana Khan’ district of Ghazni province as well as in Logar province were looted and plundered by the stooge enemy forces.

On the same day, a renowned religious scholar was ruthlessly martyred during the night operations of the enemy forces in ‘Kama’ district of Nangarhar province.

On the following day, organ for protection and justice of civilian people told in its report that most of the civilian losses and casualties during the previous month were inflicted by the mercenary forces of the stooge admin in Kabul.

On Sunday 5th May, the so called provincial council of Logar province announced that six civilian people were martyred by the savage foreign occupying forces in ‘Mohammad Agha’ district of this province.

On Thursday 9th May, five school teachers and two more civilian people were ruthlessly martyred by the joint enemy forces in ‘Chaprihar’ district of Nangarhar province.

On the following day, fifteen civilian countrymen were martyred in an indiscriminate air attack of the enemy forces in ‘Barmal’ district of Paktika province.

On Monday 13th May, Muslimyar, the so called chairman of the house of senate of puppet regime, admitted that 90% of the civilian losses and casualties were caused and inflicted during the (blind) night operations.

On the following day, seven students of a local madrassa were ruthlessly martyred by the joint enemy forces.

On Monday 20th May, media reported that forty civilian people were martyred during the military operations of the joint enemy forces in Helmand, Kandahar, Farah, Ghazni and Ghor provinces of the country.

On Monday 27th May, once again eighteen civilian people were martyred by the joint savage enemy forces in ‘Barmal’ district of Paktika province.

Subsequently, once again media reported that thirty three innocent civilian people were ruthlessly martyred in the last twenty four hours in Paktika, Paktia, Helmand and Miadan Wardak provinces.

These were only a handful examples out of a heap. For further and complete details of these losses one should read the monthly report of civilian losses and casualties regularly published on the official website of the Islamic Emirate.

‘The Al-Fath’ Operations:

During the previous month, ‘Al-Fath’ jihadi operations remained incessant throughout the country which had significant gains and achievements for Mujahidin. Some instances are elaborated in the following lines:

On Sunday 5th May, more than a hundred enemy forces were killed and wounded during a martyrdom seeking attack on the security head-quarters of Baghlan province.

On Wednesday 8th May, a fatal attack was carried out on an intelligence center of the enemy forces inside Kabul city, in which, some foreign advisors and their internal mercenary spies were killed and wounded.

On Friday 10th May, a military center of the stooge enemy near ‘Bala Murghab’ district of Badghis province was captured by the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

On Monday 13th May, ‘Charsada’ district in Ghor province was liberated and captured by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

On Thursday 16th May, ‘Sewry’ district in Zabul province came under Mujahidin’s control.

On Monday 20th May, a number of military posts in ‘Dogh Abad’ area in Kabul city were brought under severe and fatal attacks by Mujahidin, in which eight enemy forces were killed.

On Thursday 30th May, ‘Bala Murghab’ district in Badghis province was captured for the second time by Mujahidin.

Peace Negotiations and inter-Afghan meeting:

On Wednesday 1st May, sixth round of peace talks took place between the delegation of the Islamic Emirate and the American side in Doha, which ended on Thursday 9th May without any obvious conclusions.

On Friday 3rd May, the delegation of the Islamic Emirate expressed that the prevailing ground realities should be discerned by Khalilzad, the American special envoy for Afghan issue, i.e. not to insist on his unrealistic demand of laying down arms by our Mujahidin.

On the following day, Khalilzad expressed in his twitter account their readiness of laying down arms for the sake of peace.

On Tuesday 7th May, commander of the American occupying forces, Muller expressed that they believe in peace despite carrying on the ongoing (futile) war inside Afghanistan.

On Tuesday 28th, political envoys of the Islamic Emirate arrived in Moscow to participate in the celebrations of historic diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Russia. Besides participation in these celebrations, representatives of the Islamic Emirate also held meetings with those Afghans who had come from Kabul for this event. In these meetings, finding out any possible solutions for the ongoing Afghan dilemma was thoroughly discussed between the Afghans themselves. The so called head of ‘high peace council’ of the puppet regime and their so called ambassador in Moscow were not allowed to participate in these meetings.

Confession of the enemy:

On Saturday 11th May, Reuters News Agency told that Taliban are far ahead in media war as compared to Americans as well as their puppet regime in Kaubl.

On Wednesday 15th May, the Russian president expressed during a meeting with the American state secretary that Taliban are getting control of further areas throughout the country as they are becoming stronger and stronger with the passage of time.

Two days later, a military commander of the enemy forces expressed the outcomes of his survey and analysis about the incessant progress of Mujahidin in Afghanistan.

Surrender of the enemy forces:

On Monday 13th May, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate announced that nearly fifteen hundred security forces left the puppet regime and joined Mujahidin in various parts of the country.

On Friday 31st May, forty Arbaki militiamen joined Mujahidin in ‘Shahrak’ district of Ghor province.

Complete details of this process of unification and amalgamation of the enemy forces with Mujahidin can be read in the special report on the official website of the Islamic Emirate.

Malicious achievements of the previous eighteen years:

In the recent past, there has been a great uproar about the preservation of the achievements of the previous eighteen years. What are these achievements and how they are achieved; it is a long and interesting discussion, and recently its various aspects have been disclosed.

On Tuesday 28th May, a high ranking ex-advisor of the so called presidency told that he has enough evidences to prove the indecencies and adultery cases inside the presidential palace. Prior to this, the ex-advisor had accused that the female members of the so called parliament were only successful after having fulfilled the sexual demands of some high ranking officials in the presidential palace. This accusation was then confirmed some female candidates of the parliament. On the other hand, there are enough evidences which can easily prove that a number of young women were appointed on various official posts on the price of having sexual contacts with higher authorities of the palace.

The tenure of the stooge setup expired on 22nd May 2019 (corresponding to 1st Gemini) according to their self-made rules and regulations. After that, each and every step and action taken by this expired parliament is null and void according to their own terms and conditions.

On Thursday 30th May, the American ambassador in Kabul also told that the legal tenure of Kabul based setup has already expired. Prior to this, political parties and the forthcoming candidates for presidential elections had already expressed their concerns that the tenure of the present setup had expired on 22nd May (=1st Gemini), and has, therefore, no legitimacy of remaining in power. It is worth reminding that the self-made and self-vested rules and regulations of the stooge admin in Kabul are regularly drafted and modified according to their own wishes, requirements and malicious objectives!!!

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