December 06, 2019

Afghan nation seeks lasting, not temporary peace

Afghan nation seeks lasting, not temporary peace

Calls for a temporary ceasefire have again grabbed headlines recently even as the foreign invaders and their domestic hirelings continue their genocide against the defenseless Afghan nation unabated. Every night nearly 30 innocent souls are lost in enemy raids, bombings and drone strikes yet the sold-out media would rather make rather make demand of a ceasefire from the Islamic Emirate during Eid a focal point instead of giving coverage to the ongoing mass murder.

The enemy media propagators repeatedly insist that a ceasefire during Eid is vital because it will safeguard lives of the Afghan people. We must inform them that at this very moment the true reason behind civilian casualties and losses is your indiscriminate bombings, barbaric raids, drone strikes and the blind firing of mortars and artillery from your bases and check posts. If you truly do care about protecting the life and property of the Afghan nation then reevaluate your indiscriminate and genocidal military strategy. Do not raid civilian homes, do not destroy their homes, mosques and bazaars and do not murder their elders, young and infants or loot their possessions.

The only people killed in attacks by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are opposition military rank and file. As you demand a ceasefire from Mujahideen while you continue your brutality, it discloses that you do not care for the life or property of the people but only seek to protect the lives of your own troops and police, those who have been rendered incapable by the crushing blows of Al-Fath Operations and who are losing ground to the Mujahideen on a daily basis.

The policy of Islamic Emirate regarding peace and ceasefire cannot be anymore clearer; our nation is not pursuing any exhibitory ceasefire or temporary peace rather the demand of the nation is finding an end to the forty-year war and our people bestowed with the blessing of lasting stability and peace. And the greatest obstacle in front of lasting peace is the foreign occupation therefore the Islamic Emirate has highlighted end of occupation as a vital necessity and insisted on this demand in every statement and in every round of negotiations.

Instead if the issue at hand is about observing respect for holy days and safeguarding civilian life then the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate – in an unannounced fashion – have always fine-tuned their Jihadi activities during Eid such that the people can conduct their festivities with complete confidence and reassurance. The Islamic Emirate has exerted its utmost efforts in preventing civilian casualties such that civilian casualties in Mujahideen operations have remained obsolete and seen a drastic reduction.

The Afghan nation must remain assured that the Islamic Emirate is fully committed to their security, stability and peace and has focused all energy on finding an end to the foreign occupation and all other aspects of conflict, a sovereign Afghanistan with secured borders and our people bestowed with the blessing of true lasting peace in their own homeland and of their own choosing. And Allah willing, that day is not far but approaching closer.

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