September 19, 2019

Video Release ‘Eternally Alive (3)’

Video Release ‘Eternally Alive (3)’

Manba ul Jihad Publication Department, part of the Multimedia Branch of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Cultural Commission, presents a brilliant new video release no. 3 in the series ‘Eternally Alive’ dedicated to heroes of Islamic Emirate who fell while combating disbelief and corruption on the fronts of Jihad.

The biographical video with a total runtime of 45 minutes focuses on the life, personality, Jihadi struggle, triumphs and heroics of the Warrior of Islam and Liberator of Kunduz, Shaheed Mullah Abdul Salam ‘Baryalai’ (may Allah accept him).

The latest release by Manba ul Jihad Publication Department can be downloaded from here.

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