October 22, 2019

Large attacks and raids kill and wound 110 hirelings in Ghazni

Large attacks and raids kill and wound 110 hirelings in Ghazni

Amid the crushing Al-Fath Operations, large scale attacks & raids by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in Ghazni province over the past 32 hours has left 93 enemy gunmen dead and 17 others wounded.

– At around 10:00 pm last night, a heroic Mujahid of Islamic Emirate detonated an explosives-laden armored Humvee inside the base of Reserve Force located in Ghazni provincial capital.

The powerful blast destroyed large part of the installation and killed between 40-50 Reserve Force gunmen, according to information from the area which added that up to 10 other gunmen were also wounded and chances of casualty numbers climbing is high due to the fact that bodies are still being pulled from the rubble.

– Similarly, Mujahideen carried out a raid on a strategic enemy base in Abdullah Gul area of Qarabagh district the night earlier in which the entire base was overrun as all 29 gunmen were killed along with 3 APCs and 2 pickup trucks destroyed.

Enemy reinforcement arriving at the site were ambushed resulting in 3 more APCs destroyed by IEDs and direct fire, 5 gunmen killed and 7 wounded, officials said adding that 11 Mujahideen were also martyred in the operation.

The enemy evacuated the entire Abdullah Gul area last night and abandoned 2 more check posts.

– Moreover, another enemy base in Larhyano area of Maqur district was overrun during an overnight operation in which 14 Arbaki militiamen were killed, their weapons and equipment seized and APC of reinforcements destroyed, leaving 5 more gunmen dead.

Reports say that 5 Mujahideen were also martyred in the incident and 11 injured, surely to Allah we belong and to Him is the return.

These operations took place as the enemy claimed taking back Ghazni province and dismantling the entire military formations of Islamic Emirate in Ghazni yesterday due to the martyrdom of 11 Mujahideen. The enemy must realize that neither is the military of Mujahideen in Ghazni composed of 11 Mujahideen nor can they advance in Ghazni by martyring 11 Mujahideen.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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