October 22, 2019

Charchino district HQ, 13 check posts overrun

Charchino district HQ, 13 check posts overrun

URUZGAN, Jun. 01 – Amid ongoing Al Fath spring operations, Charchino district administration center, police headquarter tactically overrun by Mujahideen last night.

Details say, Mujahideen tactically carried out blasts inside the said district and police headquarters, dismantling both the said installation completely along with defensive posts and all towers as well as killing 19 puppets and leaving many others wounded while seizing a sizable amount of war spoils.

Later on, Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out complex group assault on nearby defensive posts, overrunning 13 posts after causing serious toll to enemy while confiscating a sizable amount of military tools and equipment the details of which will be updated later.

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