June 26, 2019

 Over 86 killed, helicopter crushed as 3 posts overrun in operations across the country

 Over 86 killed, helicopter crushed as 3 posts overrun in operations across the country

AFGHANISTAN, May. 25 – Amid ongoing Al Fath operations, Mujahideen have carried out 30 attacks on enemy troops across the country during last 24 hours, killing more than 86 puppets and leaving 12 others wounded.

Details say, Mujahideen raided a hireling check post in Khushi area of Logar city last night, overrunning the post, killing 12 Arbakis and seizing a sizable amount of war spoils.

Mujahideen attacked an enemy convoy in Kala Sheer Muhammad area of Ghazni city, destroying 2 tanks, killing 6 minions and wounding 4 others.

Moreover, at least 14 enemy personnel were killed and 15 units of heavy and light weapons were seized after Mujahideen overtaken an enemy check post in Spin Ghbargi area of capital Qalat overnight.

Similarly, Mujahideen carried out attacks on a hireling check post in Mula Wali area of Boldak district last night, overrunning the post after killing 7 Arbakis , forcing the rest to flee, leaving corpses, 1 ranger pickup, 2 PK machine guns, 1 RPG launcher, 3 rifles and other tolls behind on the battle ground.

Moreover, an American Apache helicopter crushed while a raid in Wormuz area of Nawzad district last night, killing all 13 invaders and internal puppets abroad the wreckage of the helicopter still lays under Mujahideen controlled area.

This all achievements come while several other enemy installations, posts, convoys come under 23 attacks of Mujahideen in various provinces of the country, killing 32 puppets and leaving 12 others wounded while destroying 5 tanks.

It is said that 4 Mujahideen have embraced martyrdom and 3 others have been wounded during these operations.

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