December 06, 2019

Hitting civilian targets is not the policy of Islamic Emirate

Hitting civilian targets is not the policy of Islamic Emirate

Over the past several months, foreign invaders and the stooge Kabul administration specifically have increased the tempo of their operations against civilian targets and continually hit clinics, mosques and public welfare projects in areas under the control of Islamic Emirate, causing extensive human and material losses our fellow countrymen.

Even in this holy month of Ramadan, they attacked defenseless detainees under their custody in Puli Charkhi Prison, leaving over 15 inmates martyred and dozens wounded. The brutality did not end there rather they stopped providing food, clean drinking water and other necessities to force the prisoners into accepting their illegal demands.

The Islamic Emirate does not believe is revenge especially when it involves civilians or public welfare institutions. Our religion, madhhab and official policy have barred Mujahideen from hitting civilian targets in enemy control areas or to mistreat prisoners in a similar fasion. Afghans understand better than anyone else how homes, mosques, madrasas, prisons and even clinics are targeted by the enemy in areas of Islamic Emirate. How medical doctors are killed and their homes destroyed. And how enemy forces indiscriminately shell and bomb villages where the Mujahideen are present.

But as the Islamic Emirate considers this country its own homeland and this people its own nation, it continually takes all necessary steps for drastically reducing civilian losses and continues to reevaluate and improve these measures put into practice.

If we glance over the years of our current Jihad, a lot of tactics that have proven effective against enemy forces but also had a high chance of inflicting civilian losses have been abandoned by the Mujahideen. Specifically after the directives of the esteemed Amir ul Mumineen Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, safeguarding civilian life during military operations has become the primary concern of Mujahideen.

Similarly, extreme caution has been observed in choosing targets as the Islamic Emirate has exerted efforts in only hitting targets that are directly linked to the invaders or the stooge administration and can be defined as enemy Shariah wise. Public welfare institutions, their workers, medical facilities, educations facilities and international humanitarian organizations are all not only categorized as non-targets by the Islamic Emirate but are given assistance in delivering services when needed.

Generally speaking, all individuals and institutions that are not connected politically or militarily and do not harm society are secure from attacks. If ever an individual or organizations becomes an exception to the rule, it would usually be due to justifiable reasons; but even if anyone from this group is harmed by the Mujahideen, the effected individual or organization can contact the Commission for Prevention of Civilians Casualties and Complaints and register their complaint with the Islamic Emirate. This commission has investigated and resolved hundreds of such cases over the past years.

The foundation of this independent Complaints Commission by the Islamic Emirate was laid for the purpose that if civilians ever had concerns about the Mujahideen or any specific operations, they can lodge their complaints with the said commission.

Those international organizations that provide services with impartiality and do not pursue harmful objectives, they will find that the Islamic Emirate had and has a policy of supporting these activities to their full capabilities but to prevent any misunderstanding, we expect them to be transparent in their activities and in compliance with the Islamic Emirate.

In contrast to the Americans and Kabul administration, the Islamic Emirate is extremely deliberate in choosing targets and does not want to inflict pointless harm.

The policy of Islamic Emirate regarding civilians and public institutions was and will continue to remain clear and unchanged. The Islamic Emirate shall continue implementing measures that safeguard civilians and public welfare institutions.


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