August 21, 2019

4 killed, post overrun; 1 enemy soldier joins Mujahideen

 PAKTIA, May 15 – Mujahideen fighters seized an enemy post following a raid in Ahmad Khel district of Paktia province last night, killing four puppets.

Similarly, Mujahideen captured from the enemy 3 Kalashnikov machine guns, 1 PK heavy machine gun, 1 hand grenade, and ammo.

Shortly afterward, Mujahideen responded to the reinforcements with IEDs in which a tank was destroyed, killing and wounding all those aboard it.

In another report from Paktia, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the enemy convoy in Laja Mangal district of Paktia province on Wednesday. it is not yet clear if there have been any casualties inflicted on the enemy.

In another report, a puppet surrendered himself and his weapon to Mujahideen in the provincial capital of Paktia province on Wednesday.

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