September 19, 2019

Details of conquest of Charsada district

Details of conquest of Charsada district

GHOR, May. 14 – Charsada district administration center, police and NDS headquarters and nearby ALP bases that were under tight siege of Mujahideen for the last six months were completely overrun by Mujahideen after forcing the enemy to flee last night.

During besiege Mujahideen carried several attacks on enemy troops, resulting in several enemy personnel killed and many others arrested.

Details say, that an enemy commander – Mustafa – has surrendered to Mujahideen along with 9 others, handing over several military equipments.

It is said that 2 hireling tanks and 5 ranger pickups were destroyed and a sizable amount of war spoils were seized during overrunning of the said district center.


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