February 23, 2020

Why are Americans bombing Afghan soldiers?

Why are Americans bombing Afghan soldiers?
Few days ago in Uruzgan province, near its capital city Tarinkot a post of the puppet Afghan National army was bombed by the American invaders. According to the local residents scores of puppet regime soldiers and policemen were killed in the blind American bombing. The media outlets only counted 8 fatalities.  
A commander belonging to the bombed post who goes by the name of Toor Jan said that first the post was bombarded by the American air force after that when the local policemen and other army soldiers came to the scene to take care of the dead bodies they were also bombed, killed and their bodies littered.
Another commander who goes by the name of Rahimullah Khan has said that the check post was bombed intentionally and added that if this incident goes without inquiry then the person responsible will be the president Ashraf Ghani himself. It is said that the he pointed his fingers at the American funded warlord General Raziq. In Kandahar province General Raziq is known for his brutality and crimes against the common people of the province. The commander has also said that his rival commander Matiullah Khan’s men were also killed by Americans on the request of General Raziq.
In Kabul the MP from Uruzgan province Ubaidullah Barakzai also said that if such incidents are not looked, the situation will escalate further and it will have severe consequences on the security of the province.
Before this particular incident the Americans have bombed puppet security forces of their installed regime on numerous occasions, with many of the incidents going unnoticed in the mainstream and local media. This year in August 2016 a prison operated by the Mujahidin was bombed barbarically by the American invaders in which 26 captive soldiers of the puppet army were killed. Last year in Logar province’s Baraki Barak district 16 soldiers died as a result of US bombing and many were critically injured.
The questions which arises now is that what do the masters of these soldiers want from their slaves? What are goals which these invaders want them to fulfill? What is the target of invaders for these puppets to achieve after their endless suffering?
If we look at the past 15 years there is no stone left unturned by these puppets of America. These puppet soldiers have committed crimes against their own people, they have looted and killed for their masters. They have stolen the wealth and belonging of the poor people, destroyed their homes and livelihoods. These puppet soldiers have brought lawlessness and corruption upon this land and they have done every crime imaginable. They have done horrible and horrific human rights abuses and atrocities throughout Afghanistan. Every district and city is witness to their brutality. People have left their lands and entire communities have relocated and shifted due to their brutal inhumane behavior. After doing all the above mentioned for the Americans, the Americans are still not happy. They have served the Americans day and night, in winter snow and summer heat. The Americans don’t even consider them human beings.
When the Americans wish they punish the puppet soldiers, they are bombed and many times they are kept starving in their check posts. There is no one within the current Afghan government who can dare and question the invaders about their treatment of the puppet soldiers.
The two headed government’s leadership issues quick statements on small issues to gain the attention of their masters. If someone falls from a bicycle in America the puppet regime leadership quickly issues statements of condolence. The plight of the puppet soldiers is such that nobody even cares about the brutal American bombings on their check posts. Instead of inquiring about their lives, the puppet regime is quick in finding lame excuses for the criminality of their American masters.
One questions, what will it take to finally satisfy these blood thirsty Americans. In the Holy Quran this particular issues is clearly mentioned.
 « وَلَن تَرْضَى عَنكَ الْيَهُودُ وَلاَ النَّصَارَى حَتَّى تَتَّبِعَ مِلَّتَهُمْ…الآیة»
The main point and idea is that looking at the battlefield success of the forces of The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan throughout the country has shocked and installed fear in the hearts and minds of the Americans.
The Islamic Emirate has on many occasions arrested tens and hundreds of puppet army soldiers in the battlefields. Many of them have been freed after investigations and have rejoined their families after repenting and pledging not to join anti-Islamic forces.
During the last 3 weeks in different parts of Afghanistan over 216 soldiers have willingly laid down their weapons and surrendered themselves to the Islamic Emirate. According to the statistics 182 soldiers in the same time fame have been captured alive. The captured soldiers been freed with dignity and they have been reunited with their families.
The soldiers of the puppet army are increasingly surrendering in large numbers due to the kind behavior of the forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.  
Due to the above mentioned points the American invaders are trying hard and have adopted these new tactics to scare the puppet army soldiers from defecting. They are working on strategy of fear to scare the regime soldiers; if they surrender or defect they will be bombed and exterminated.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has adopted these tactics under the guidance of the religious scholars while the strategy of the invading forces has failed again and again. 

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