September 19, 2019

What is the path towards Peace?

What is the path towards Peace?

US officials openly express that they have grown tired of the Afghan war and do not have the energy and patience of continuing pouring human and financial resources into a futile war as they have done over the past eighteen years. On the other side, our nation on whom the invaders have imposed war view a free, Islamic, sovereign and peaceful Afghanistan as their greatest aspiration. So where must the path of peace go through for this shared objective? Come let us logically dissect the matter of reaching a common goal in light of ground realities.

It is common knowledge that the principle cause of war in Afghanistan is foreign occupation. From the day foreign forces under the leadership of United States intervened in our homeland, our nation launched their struggle (Jihad) for freedom. On this basis, both occupation and war are tied on a linear string as cause and effect that is free from any other catalyst. Hence, the principle condition for ending the war and establishing peace is the removal of cause (occupation) from the equation due to the simple fact that peace cannot be pursued while cause (occupation) remains because it runs counter to the natural law of cause and effect.

Even if we diverge from logic and the law of nature by delving into history, one would understand that the reason why Afghanistan has been called the crossroads of invaders and graveyard of Empires is because peace has never prevailed on this land so long as occupiers have remained. History explicitly states that as occupation persisted on this land, war (Jihad) was also the continuum. Therefore, the idea of occupation and peace coexisting is as unattainable as mixing fire with water.

The above presented arguments prove that the prerequisite for peace is the end of occupation. So, when the occupation ends and the foreign aspect of war removed from the equation, peace then requires the Afghans especially the political class to be lenient, cordial and forgiving by learning from historic experiences and working hand in hand with one another to achieve the common goal of the people, a peaceful Islamic government.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is resolutely committed to this aspiration of its believing and oppressed nation. As part of a logical and effective initiative for finding an end to the occupation, the Islamic Emirate has entered into negotiations with the United States of America, the sixth round of which has recently kicked off in the capital of Qatar, Doha. The entire nation and those desiring peace are urged to support the call of Islamic Emirate for ending the occupation and a peaceful Afghanistan because the sole path leading towards peace is this.

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