September 19, 2019

Civilian casualties cannot be controlled with mere statements

Civilian casualties cannot be controlled with mere statements

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) published a reported about civilian casualties in the first quarter of 2019, presenting statistics about civilian losses and those responsible. Even as our people are burned by explosives from the air, complete villages wiped by huge bombs, entire families killed by the American and domestic troops in night operations, the young, women, infants and elders deliberately murdered, their homes looted and religious sanctums violated yet UNAMA only deems her responsibility to be recording these cold-blooded incidents, collecting them each month and publishing a quarterly or yearly report.

Noting down daily civilian casualty incidents and then publishing a seasonal or annual report is a job so simple that it can even be accomplished by a single individual. The international organization of United Nations is one of the most reputable and largest organizations in the world, its motto the protection of basic rights of humans and preventing harm to defenseless civilians in war zones.

It is a known fact that protecting human rights and lives of civilians cannot simply be done through the publication of statistics and reports rather it needs concrete and sincere practical steps. We understand the fact that a large portion of the United Nations budget is paid for by the United States but if this budget is not being paid to the United Nations under a secret deal to maintain silence then becomes imperative that the international organization of the United Nations use its wide-ranging judicial and executive powers to prevent the ongoing oppression against the Afghan nation.

UNAMA officials must begin investigations into war crimes in areas witnessing American bombings and raids. These are not some remote inaccessible areas rather these crimes are happening a short distance away from the main UNAMA office in the villages of Logar, Nangarhar, Maidan Wardak, Paktia and Ghazni. Common villagers are being targeted with drones and their homes, mosques and vehicles bombed. UNAMA must launch a comprehensive inquiry into night raids and against whom and under what principles they are happening? What occurs in these operations? What extent of force and cruelty is used against civilians? Whom are the victims? To what extent has it harmed the Afghans materially, corporeally and psychologically?

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers the ongoing savagery by the invaders and their stooges as unparalleled war crimes. And the silence and superficial reactions by the media, political movements and human right organizations regarding the ongoing brutality, cold-blooded murders and large-scale destruction as another issue that cannot be justified under any law. Practical steps are needed to put an end to the continuing barbarity being perpetrated by the invaders in the rural areas of Afghanistan because the lives of innocent people cannot be safeguarded through publications of statistics on a piece of paper.

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