September 21, 2019

Reaction to US remarks regarding anti-occupation spring operations

Reaction to US remarks regarding anti-occupation spring operations

Yesterday the Islamic Emirate announced its spring operations to uproot occupation, attain sovereignty and establish an Islamic system.

Following the announcement, the military commander of American forces in Afghanistan Scott Miller and Special Representative of the State Department Zalmay Khalilzad showed a strong reaction to the Islamic Emirate’s operation and called it reckless.

They must understand that this war has been imposed upon us by you.

Defending one’s life, wealth, honor, country, religion and frontiers is the legal right of every nation and human society, and Afghans specifically are extremely sensitive and distinct than to any other nation in the world in this matter.

We also wish to remind them that in every meeting during the previous five rounds of talks, the negotiation team of the Islamic Emirate proposed that civilian casualties must be avoided. Your night raids and bombings that mostly abduct and martyr defenseless Afghan women, children, elders and students of schools, madaris and universities must be halted however it was you who ignored those proposals.

Khalilzad and Miller are expressing sensitivity to our Jihad and defense while simultaneously supporting the operations declared by the Kabul administration.

They must end their crimes against humanity by realizing their own responsibilities. Over the past nine months, the American invaders have raided the homes of Afghans every night and martyred countless sleeping women, children and elders or taken them as captives. Bombs are rained across the country every day, homes, mosques, madaris, schools and clinics destroyed and according to their own admission, 7000 bombs have been dropped on our homeland during this short period.

Hence real recklessness and inhumane actions are these war crimes and crimes against humanity and not the Afghan resistance, defense and Jihad.

We condemn remarks by Khalilzad and Miller, turn their attention to answering for their own actions and consider their remarks regarding the ongoing Jihadi operations as inappropriate.

We also want to clarify that we are committed to the ongoing negotiations process and a peaceful resolution but cannot remain indifferent to the military operations and ongoing crimes of the invaders and their internal supporters.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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