October 21, 2019

Consultative Jirga for Peace or Continuing War?

Consultative Jirga for Peace or Continuing War?

The Kabul administration has begun circulating reports that they have planned a grand meeting with around two thousand participants to be held in the last week of the ongoing month under the title ‘Peace Consultative Loya Jirga’.

Loya Jirga has a distinct place in Afghan history but it is extremely unfortunate that just like all our other historical values, this term has been misused repeatedly over the past seventeen years by the invaders and their stooges for their own malicious objectives and in opposition to the demands of the Afghan people.

Loya Jirgas has been convened by our noble people throughout history to discuss the method of attaining independence and declaring Jihad against foreign invaders. However, all the meetings labelled a Loya Jirga over the course of the past seventeen years are convened with the sole purpose of giving legitimacy for the occupation, protecting interests of the invaders and opposing the noble resistance and the truthful Mujahideen.

All the Jirgas during the period of occupation were not only convened for the wrong objectives but all their results were also negative. We can recall that many such meetings have been called over the past years under the titles of ‘Peace’ but all have ended with extension of occupation and intensification of war.

Keeping this reality in mind, the convening of yet another Loya Jirga by the decaying Ghani administration is the repeat of those failed experiments that merely seek to preoccupy media outlets for a few days, spread propaganda and waste and embezzle millions of dollars. It will achieve nothing in the pursuit of peace.

The head of Arg Palace is opposing the demands of the entire nation regarding peace and the recent bombings, airstrikes, genocide and efforts to extend occupation have severely damaged his reputation. Therefore, he now seeks to alter his image by convening a supposed ‘Peace Jirga’ in order to mislead people into thinking he takes the issue of peace seriously and at the same time extend his unconstitutional rule through this meeting.

The consultative Jirga under the name of ‘Peace’ is being convened by the heads of the puppet regime for their political interests and never for the interest of the believing Afghan nation or a hopeful sign of a positive step towards peace. This Jirga will only approve the warmongering policies of Ashraf Ghani and serve to prolong the ongoing occupation and war, hence it is not appropriate to call this a ‘Peace Jirga’ but a Consultative Meeting for Continuing War.

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