September 19, 2019

Latest Triumphs and Frustrated Enemy!

Latest Triumphs and Frustrated Enemy!

Heroic Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate got control over Arghanj Khwa district of Badakhshan province in northern Afghanistan a week ago, inflicting heavy losses to enemy and making it as the third district that falls to Mujahideen in the province.

Meanwhile, Mujahideen carried out successful operations close to Ghazni province center, overrunning strategic enemy check posts after killing and wounding several enemy personnel including key officials and expanding their control closer to the provincial capital.

This comes after Mujahideen completely overrun Seyurie district center in Zabul province as a result of a large group assault.

These enormous victories have tremendously overwhelmed the enemy who is in search of shoring up the moral of its troops by boasting and vainglorious slogans.

After the embarrassing motto of Kabul regime defense minister, Asadullah Khalid who said ‘hitting their heads and taking battlefield’ the first vice-president to Kabul administration chief Ashraf Ghani and chief of Gulamjam militia, General Dostum, who reached northern Balkh province after a long delay, promised that if the government allowed him he will clear northern provinces of the country from the presences of Mujahideen within six months. Conversely he was not aware of the current situation that Mujahideen are in strong position, they are winning the war and have the full support of all tribes and nations who have inspected the real face of Dostum like warlords and will never be used again for the malicious aims of any one.

A few hours after Dostum vaunts, his convoy came under a Mujahideen ambush on the main Balkh-Jawzjan highway in outskirts of Chahar Bolak district which resulted in a tank, 1 ranger pickup destroyed, killing and wounding 12 puppets and forcing him to flee from the battlefield in a absolute fear.

The enemy habitually wants to cover up its defeat by vain slogans to give morale to their dastard troops.

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