September 19, 2019

Why is Ghani out to dishonor our heritage?

Why is Ghani out to dishonor our heritage?

The head of the illegitimate two-headed regime in Kabul (Ashraf Ghani) facing immense pressure from internal rivalries, military set-backs and especially the recent US-Taliban talks in Doha is venting out his frustration in a fashion that has unraveled his true anti-Afghan nature and his pursuit of undermining the greater interests of our homeland.

If on the one hand he has physically launched an anti-Islam campaign through unrelenting attacks and bombings on religious sanctums, mosques, madrassas and religious scholars, then on the other, he has also opened his poisonous mouth against our national values and our proud heritage.

His anti-Islam policies have been known from the very beginning. He is an Afghan-American whose sole tie to Afghanistan is it being his place of birth. His childhood, youth and senior years have all been spent abroad. He has been nourished by American climate, food and culture and trained in American schools and universities, molded by American professors, married to a Christian and his children born and raised in America showing no desire for any connection with Afghanistan. An individual brought up and nurtured by non-Muslims will no doubt be at the service of non-Muslims and hold nothing but enmity towards Islamic values, mosques, madrassas and personalities.

His enmity towards religion and Islam cannot be any clearer however he along with his followers do claim Afghaniat (love for Afghan values), call themselves Afghan patriots and use it a means to gain traction and remain relevant in Afghanistan.

But during his recent visit to Kunar province, he boldly lashed out against our proud history and even dared to attack the founder of Afghanistan – the king, the warrior, the scholar Ahmad Shah Baba – by asserting that he was a despot who usurped power through tyranny. These remarks by Ashraf Ghani have now also made clear that just as he holds enmity towards Islam, he also detests our proud identity.

We believe that Ashraf Ghani loathes the founder of Afghanistan because Ahmad Shah Abdali was a great Muslim, Mujahid, religious scholar and a righteous king. Ahmad Shah Baba fought against kufr (disbelief) and immorality, pursued his state affairs with the advice of religious scholars, established Islamic justice and aided the oppressed Muslims around the world to his utmost capability.

A clear example is when the power of the Muslim Maghuls following the passing away of Awrangzeb Alamgir weakened and faced the danger of collapse as the Hindu Marathas took over more and more territory and encircled Delhi, the great scholar and caller of Islam Shah Waliullah wrote to Ahmad Shah Baba and asked him to come to the aid of the Muslims of India.

When Ahmad Shah Baba learnt about the plight of the Indian Muslims, he immediately began moving towards India with Jihadi fervor, confronted the large army of Marathas at Panipat and fought a historic battle where he beat the Marathas and saved the Indian Muslims from the oppression of Hindu tyranny.

Fortune-loving individuals like Ashraf Ghani will always try to misinterpret the incursions of Ahmad Shah Baba into India as pursuit for money, gold and gemstones however history bears witness that Ahmad Shah Baba was a Mujahid Muslim King who believed in Islamic brotherhood and his advance towards India was based purely on religious grounds, to aid the Muslims of India against the onslaught of the Hindu Marathas and safeguard Islamic rule from collapse.

Ahmad Shah Baba, his son Taimoor Shah and grandson Zaman Shah were figures that not only thwarted the colonization of Afghanistan but also of India at the hands of the English, French and other western occupiers. But later the puppets of disbelievers like Ashraf Ghani became a black stain like Shah Shuja and handed over the control of a Muslim land to the infidels.

Ahmad Shah Baba had such close ties to the Ottoman Caliphate that he served as an impregnable fortress in the face of western puppets like Ghani and not only protected the Muslim lands from the tragedy which has befallen it at the hands of the west, but its shadows shook the capitals of the Roman Empire and achieved the honor of the Conquest of Constantinople.

Hence it is quite understandable why a meek west-molded individual like Ashraf Ghani would show such contempt for pride of the Muslim world (Ahmad Shah Baba) and try to smear his legacy with lies and fabrications.

But Ashraf Ghani must remember that history is a merciless judge. No matter what media or individuals you hire to adore you today, history shall forever categorize you in the same lines as Shah Shuja, Yaqub Khan and Karmal. We understand perfectly well that you have dedicated your entire life and wealth at the service of America, you handed Afghanistan over to America in an agreement and gave permission for American war machines to murder our oppressed countrymen day and night.

Allah willing the day is not far when you shall answer for every single oppression and insult and shall serve as an example like Shah Shuja.

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