September 19, 2019

Resistance that broke the Invaders

Resistance that broke the Invaders

The Washing Times recently wrote that the Untied States is caught in war without end and advised that America should extract her forces out of Afghanistan and while pointing to the ongoing talks in Qatar, it added that even if these talks fail to yield an agreement, American must withdraw nonetheless.

While planning the occupation of Afghanistan, the invaders at the time thought that they would easily pacify this land, pursue their interests in the region from the roof of Asia and control the destiny of this proud people forever. Bush even said he had no intention of leaving Afghanistan while Blair declared that they shall remain for at least half a century.

During the initial onslaught, the invaders proudly showed off their superior weapons via colonial media microphones. Day and night they rubbed salt on the wounds of Afghans and propagated through the mouths of the hired anchors how the allied forces wielded state of the art F-16 fighter jets, B52 bombers, unmanned drones, cruise missiles, cluster bombs, armored vehicles, the most advanced technology in human history and unlimited amount of money, with the most bold claim being possessing the capability of seeing and hearing a one inch object from space!!

The Islamic Emirate advised them to use logic, but Bush and Blair were riding the waves of ecstasy as the pride in superior technology overpowered their brains and their only rally cry was death and destruction. The founder of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the esteemed Amir ul Mumineen Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (may Allah have mercy on him) replied to the international tyrants with “It is true that weapons can kill, yet they cannot ward off death”. Today the world is witnessing the manifestation of this deeply meaningful expression, as Mujahideen armed with a rifle and vest enter huge bases of the armed arrogant invaders and throw dozens of invaders into the abyss of death.

The Afghan nation had made it known from the beginning that they shall never accept impure invaders on their pure land and shall tread the path of resistance for the protection of our religious and national interests until their complete expulsion. The occupiers and some political scholars (?) labelled this stance of the Afghans as butting heads with mountains and would insist that current times and conditions have changed, combating international forces is impossible because whatever land they enter, they never leave. Yet the ongoing Jihadi struggle proved that the Afghans are a people that cannot be subdued as they bring yet another supposed super power to its knees.

The Afghan nation under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate neutered many plans and goals of the enemy and swept more than half the country from the presence of invaders and its lackeys. The victorious forces of the Islamic Emirate are daily tightening noose around the enemy and emancipating the oppressed nation from their occupation, oppression and corruption.

Most political analysts and scholars around the world are of the agreement that America has been defeated in Afghanistan. America has not only failed to achieve a single objective in the longest war of her history rather the Taliban are gaining strength at every step and liberating more and more territory with each passing day.

America must finally end her stubborn foolishness and quickly pull all troops from Afghanistan or history shall repeat itself and turn Afghanistan into her graveyard.

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