September 19, 2019

An Arduous Past & Pleasant Future

An Arduous Past & Pleasant Future

The remnants of Aad and Thamud and the successors of the Pharaoh thought it an easy task to eradicate a few of those of humble backgrounds and simple living. The world, however, witnessed these empty-handed believers force their enemies into humiliation.

Those affected by talks of American military expertise and engaged in praise of its technological advancement today avoid advising the exhausted American soldiers as to the correct course of action and stand astonished before the politics of those turban-wearing men, lacking in resources and militarily much inferior to their opponent, yet rich in faith. 

Divine Law honoured the Afghan land’s oppressed people with many a blessing. It united dispersed tribes at one point and erased arrogant and godless people during forty years of war. At the hands of the Mujahideen, a humiliating defeat was delivered to two of this era’s Christian powers — Russia and America — because the mighty strength of every global player of bloody wars halts upon arriving within the borders of Afghanistan.

Abu Muslim who delivered governance to Banu Abbas was a Khorasani Afghan Muslim; the resilient army of Jalaluddeen Khwarazm Shah who upheld a fierce resistance before the disbelieving Mongols emerged from this land too; and it was the people of this land who stained British history with marks of humiliation.

Today, the people of Afghanistan, poorly equipped yet overflowing with religious zeal, taught a lesson so historic to the thousands of well-armed and -trained NATO and non-NATO soldiers that future generations of their respective countries, particularly of America, will continue to lament over this chapter of history and the imprudent decision-making of their predecessors.

After having displayed skill in the political field, global reporting was forced to admit not only the Islamic Emirate’s mastery over guerrilla warfare, but also the reality of it having rendered useless all technology employed to erase its existence.

Now the responsibility remains upon the general public and specialists that they raise awareness among their people and avoid at all costs the misinformation propagated by dishonest media outlets. 

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