November 18, 2019

Ashraf Ghani should disclose and clarify his foreign ties

Ashraf Ghani should disclose and clarify his foreign ties

The leader of the stooge Kabul administration, Ashraf Ghani, once again repeated his call during his speech at the International Women’s Day gathering that the Taliban should clarify their ties with Pakistan. He also said that the issue of Taliban’s foreign relations should be examined during the negotiations process.

It should be mentioned that the Islamic Emirate has always given satisfactory explanation for their regional and international political relations. The Islamic Emirate has always clarified their policy and practically shown that they are not related to any foreign party, however it has reserved itself the right of maintaining political and diplomatic relations with not only the regional countries but the wider world in order to convey messages as well as work for the interests and protect against threats facing our homeland and people. Keeping this in mind, Pakistan is also our neighboring country with which all the previous governments of Afghanistan have maintained political relations. Pakistan shares many religious and cultural similarities with our country however the Islamic Emirate is neither tied to it nor does it seek relations based on enmity, rather it reserves itself the right to pursue relations with Pakistan in the framework of mutual respect just as it does with all the regional countries.

If foreign relations are in need of examination then Ashraf Ghani must be the first person to disclose and clarify his foreign ties because he has spent most of his life in America, has never pursued a single part of his academic carrier in Afghanistan, has spent his childhood, adulthood and mid-life in the United States and molded his personality in that environment, is foreign to the culture and values of his own country, continually makes mistakes during Islamic rituals, is a novice grammatically in his own national languages but has supposedly written books in foreign languages and he is foreign to the extent that even his spouse is foreign and his children and family all resided abroad.

Moreover, he has spent all of his life serving in the academic and governmental departments of the United States of America and came to Afghanistan accompanying the American occupation. He was advertised, supported and considered a leading political scholar of the invaders over the course of seventeen years, his failure in the 2009 presidential race was called a tragedy by the then US special representative Holbrooke according to Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta and only managed to enter the Arg palace in 2014 through the direct intervention of America and whose first act in office was to sign the infamous security agreement with America the very next day.

All this proves that even though Ashraf Ghani is an Afghan national, he can distinctly be considered an American due to his character, ideology, loyalty, working past and political commitments especially in these times as the special forces (butchers) under his leadership continue to ruthlessly murder Afghans in night raids, raze their homes, loot their valuables, desecrate their sacrosanct and as civilian tragedies keep piling up in the media yet he maintains displaying indifference. It seems that this individual has no roots and ties with the Afghan nation but if an American drunkard opens fire and kills homosexuals inside a night club, Ashraf Ghani is the first person to announce his condolences.

Based on this the Afghan nation demands that Ashraf Ghani disclose his past and current ties with America.

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