September 19, 2019

Yes! Taliban shall return as liberators!!!

Yes! Taliban shall return as liberators!!!

An interview by the respected spokesman of Islamic Emirate Zabihullah Mujahid with Shamshad TV network was very thought provoking, comprehensive and answered many of the important questions and rumors.

Mr. Mujahid touched upon many key and sensitive topics during the interview, some of which will be presented below:

1 – We will not allow the US to discuss any of our own internal affairs, we are only talking to them about the withdrawal of their forces.

2 – Problems among Afghans should be resolved through talks, and as the Kabul administration has been erected solely to serve American interests, we do not consider it as an opposition.

3 – Supporters of occupation are fighting against Afghans and are being killed at the hands of Afghans, the number of their fatalities has no significance.

4 – Freedom of press, civil societies and political organizations shall continue operating under the framework of Islamic values however if they insist on violating Islamic and Afghan norms, they will be eliminated.

5 – The Taliban will return as liberators because they have fought for the freedom and defense of Afghanistan for the past 18 years.

All in all, if we were to truly analyze the interview of Mr. Mujahid with Shamshad TV through the prism of an Afghan patriot, only then could one would truly comprehend how deep the foundation, policy and struggle of the Islamic Emirate takes inspiration from historical Afghan greatness and religious understanding.

The Islamic Emirate single handedly fought a coalition of 49 countries led by America for 18 years, neutralized hundreds of their large-scale ruthless strategies, embarrassed and halted their proud war machine and under some estimates, the enemy spent over $1.5 trillion dollars to weaken and pacify the Taliban but all praise belong solely to Allah, they failed to push them back even an inch on the battlefield.

History is witness that there has not been a precedent of the tyrannical arrogant America ever entering into such long drawn out negotiations with any country or party, a clear display of her apprehension and humiliation.

But today as America has come to the negotiations table with the Taliban and are following a talks agenda defined by the values and interests of the valiant Mujahid Afghan nation, without a doubt all of this is the result of sincere resistance which was initiated by the empty-handed Islamic Emirate and is entering a triumphant end phase because of immeasurable sacrifices and heroics.

Hence, it is only appropriate that we turn back to the lines spoken by Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid with absolute pride and honor when he said “Yes, the Taliban have a right to return as liberators” because they responded to every conspiracy, violation and transgression of America and her 49-nation coalition with valor and defended every inch of their motherland and its sanctities.

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