September 19, 2019

What is the Fault of Mosques & Madrassas?

What is the Fault of Mosques & Madrassas?

Recently the occupying army and the Kabul administration’s enslaved murderers carried out a raid in Kapisa province’s Tagab district. After looting homes and shops, they burned a historical madrassa, Jamia Hameedia, in which Qurans and all religious books were destroyed. Also recently, in Ghazni province the impure American army and its puppet forces blew apart a large mosque during a joint operation. In fact, many such incidents have been taking place recently. Last year in July, for example, American warplanes transformed a school into rubble through merciless bombardment in the Maidan Wardak province’s Jalrez district. What harm could a school have possibly caused? Only a day before this incident, the occupying American army’s warplanes bombarded a primary school named ‘Imam Abu Hanifa’ established for young children. The school was completely destroyed, alongside the opportunity for those children to obtain an education.

It is customary for the anti-Islam enemy to vent its frustration on innocent civilians and their sacred Islamic symbols through cowardly attacks when the Mujahideen cause it loss after the carrying out of an operation. If one is to pay attention, then they will come to realize that madrassa Hameedia was constructed on open ground. Such was its construction that the Taliban or Mujahideen had no chance to hide there. If Mujahideen were indeed present, was it not possible to descend through planes or conduct a raid via a ground route and arrest them alive, as takes place in the homes of innocent civilians? Why then was this madrassa burnt and what was its crime? To impart education???

Likewise, was any Mujahid martyred in the religious madrassa and school of Farah? Were armed Taliban present therein? The question to be asked here is why the occupying army and its enslaved forces consistently target such buildings of public benefit as madrassas, schools, clinics, mosques, bazaars and so forth? Does the enemy desire to strike terror in the brave Afghan people through such lowly crimes? 

The invaders and their puppets have always propagated through dishonest media outlets that they work for the development of Afghan society. On the other hand, it is propagated regarding the Taliban that they are opposed to the same. The public, however, have yet to witness any truth to such falsehood; the Mujahideen are constructing madrassas, schools, hospitals and working on other projects beneficial to the public while the quislings and their masters are occupied in demolishing such efforts. Kapisa’s madrassa was burnt to the ground alongside its Qurans, 150 innocent huffaz were martyred in a religious madrassa as a result of enemy bombardment in Kunduz, the madrassa was again targeted in Jalrez, a madrassa and school was destroyed in Farah — these are but a few examples.

The so-called free media and human rights organizations have yet to condemn such crimes or even cover news regarding them. Does the world still think the American aggressors as occupied in efforts for the progression, education and prosperity of Afghan society, while the Afghan people consider them merciless invaders and their Afghan collaborators irresponsible puppets? Note that the Mujahideen need not make effort to formulate such public opinion, rather the quislings themselves have yet to demonstrate that they have an agenda other than furthering American interests, while the invaders themselves have utterly failed in their mission to win hearts and minds. 

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