September 19, 2019

Why all this fuss around elections?

Why all this fuss around elections?

At a time when the results of the supposed parliamentary results have yet to be announced, the Kabul regime leaders have commenced with the formation of an election commission and have launched preliminary steps of another laughter-inducing process.

Today as Afghanistan is passing through its most crucial and sensitive juncture of history; talks are underway between the officials of the occupying country of America and representatives of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar and common Afghans along with political figures who have understood the core problem and have shown commitment to finding a resolution, all consider the negotiations process as the most important issue at hand and an issue intertwined to peace and the prosperity of our homeland and people. But even in such delicate times, the incompetent Kabul regime figures are exerting all their time and energy on the empty elections process, consultative jirgas and other such meaningless issues in order to divert attention away from the ongoing negotiations process.

This time the elections process is being announced as all the figures of the previous election commissions are barred from travel and indicted in fraud and corruption. The Kabul regime leaders who only a few months earlier called the drama of parliamentary elections transparent and successful, all of a sudden changed their minds and accused this same commission of fraud and corruption. The question that begs to be asked is, how can elections be called transparent and successful yet the election commission as corrupt? Anyway…

The imported democracy has repeatedly shown over the course of seventeen years that elections under the shadow of occupation where all power of observation and execution lies in the hands of foreign observers with foreign embassies playing the role of electors can never express the will of a nation but is only a waste of resources and toying with the trust of people.

The Islamic Emirate believes that the principle cause of war and misery of our country is the foreign occupation. In order for our country to be salvaged from this tragedy and for our believing people afforded a life of honor under the shade of Islamic justice, the first matter that needs to be addressed in that of occupation. The Afghan nation and all the public figures and groups that believe themselves to be committed to the stability and prosperity of its believing nation must turn all their focus to issue of ending the occupation.

Since elections, electoral commissions, consultative jirgas and other such topics do nothing for ending the ongoing miseries therefore they should not be given any worth. Such non-content subjects are only being pushed by those who either do not believe in finding a lasting solution to the issues of Afghanistan or do not have the power and competency to do and say anything in this regard, hence they are busying themselves with such minor and ineffective issues.

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