September 19, 2019

Massacre of civilians and degrading holy places

Massacre of civilians and degrading holy places

Invaders and Kabul regime have launched carnage of innocent Afghan nation, dismantling their compounds and violating their holy places since first day. Particularly under the leadership of Trump and Ghani , the combined enemy has leveled tens of mosques and seminaries across the country, inflicting heavy material and corporeal losses to the innocent nation.

Invaders and their internal slaves raided and bombarded 3 villages – Shartoghi, Chato and Babak – of Jelgi district in Wardak province some days ago, during which several compounds, a mosque and a madrasa were dismantled, martyring over 20 countrymen including women and children.

Likewise, invaders and their local puppets leveled 2 Masjids in Zarsang Killi area of Charkh district in Logar province as well as shattered gates of homes and stole valuables after beating its inhabitants in a midnight raid.

Similarly on 18th February, invaders accompanied by stooge troops set ablaze a historical seminary – Hamid ul Madaris – along with all tools and equipment and several shops of a nearby market in Badrab area Tagab district, Kapisa province.

Only during the last month, combined enemy forces have destroyed dozens of religious seminaries, mosques, schools, clinics and general public installations, martyring and wounding hundreds of civilians.

Whenever and wherever the enemy has attacked the nation, they have claimed do to have done so as self-defense. The slave media fully supported their arguments in a joint effort to hoodwink the public, but after the aforementioned crimes the enemy did not even claim that they has perpetrated the crimes as self-defense or found Mujahideen in these areas, and we have yet to know how they can justify there brutalities.

The ongoing crimes against Afghan nation and degradation of holy places by invaders and Kabul regime are unjustifiable crimes. Killing of civilians, dismantling of homes, mosques and markets shows their extreme enmity towards our country and religion. The Islamic Emirate condemns these crimes and brutalities of combined enemy and terms it signs of enemy impending defeat. Mujahideen are committed to taking revenge for the martyred mosques, seminaries and its people. Allah willing

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