September 21, 2019

Blacklist: Greatest impediment to peaceful resolution

Blacklist: Greatest impediment to peaceful resolution

The United Nations Security Council blacklisted a number of leaders of the Islamic Emirate years earlier when just like many other powers, the United Nations also lacked proper understanding of the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate became a target of a number of UNSC member states under the influence of fanatical partisanship, incorrect views and widespread propaganda resulting in the implementation of number of miscalculated errors including the issue of blacklisting senior leaders, diplomats and military commanders of the Islamic Emirate.

The Islamic Emirate considered this step as injustice from the very beginning and advised the Security Council members to correct their error because this blacklist served no benefit in resolving the issue at hand and only damaged the status of UN because it was an unjustifiable and an unjust step.

Currently when there is large scale diplomatic movement in pursuit of finding a peaceful resolution to the Afghan issue, when multiple meetings have already taken place between delegations of Islamic Emirate and the United States and there is an urgent need for delegates of Islamic Emirate to visit regional countries to find a consensus from a regional perspective, to hold meetings with representatives of countries, clarify their policies and attend conferences aimed at finding a political solution, it is high time that this unwarranted document dubbed blacklist is revoked.

If the United Nations, members of the Security Council and the United States truly believe in a peaceful resolution for the Afghan problem, then the elimination of this blacklist is an absolute necessity for the continuation and success of this negotiations process.

We all witnessed how a number of Islamic Emirate’s delegates could not arrive on time to the Abu Dhabi meeting because of this blacklist and how the Islamabad meeting was also postponed because the delegation of Islamic Emirate’s negotiations team could not attend for this exact reason, making it obvious that such impediments and delays only complicate and pose a major challenge for a successful outcome.

The Islamic Emirate – just as it has always insisted on the elimination of this blacklist and the right of free movement for our delegates in its official statements – still considers this list as the greatest impediment to a peaceful resolution and its elimination imperative for the success of the ongoing negotiations process. In hopes that members of the UN Security Council will end their unwarranted delay in this regard and finally put an end to this impediment for a peaceful resolution.

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