September 19, 2019

Our struggle is not indebted to anyone

Our struggle is not indebted to anyone

The enemy is continuously making attempts at associating the successes of the Islamic Emirate to others, create misunderstandings among the public concerning the Islamic Emirate and, through various means, prolong its series of oppression on the Afghan people. The Afghan people however are well acquainted with the Mujahideen; they themselves have witnessed their pious character. It is now clear that propaganda against the Mujahideen is among the final attempts at hostility of the weary and defeated enemy.

For a long time the quislings at Kabul have been making accusations regarding a few neighboring countries providing military and financial aid to the Mujahideen. Through baseless accusations and rather amusing conspiracy theories, the enemy seeks to divert the public’s attention elsewhere thereby placing a cover over its military and political failures. 

During eighteen years of the blessed Jihad the Mujahideen have achieved many important milestones throughout Afghanistan, causing great distress to the enemy. As a result, the enemy took to associating these victories with the efforts of others — many a time for example, it has been falsely claimed that soldiers and commandos of the neighboring country are fighting alongside the Mujahideen.

All praises are due to Allah that under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate the Afghan people’s jihad and resistance is headed towards a complete victory. Our jihad is is not beholden to the generosity of any country, institution or group. Rather, the Help of Allah the Almighty is with the Mujahideen and that alone is sufficient for them.

There is no country that provides military nor financial aid to the Islamic Emirate. These are mere accusations of which there is no evidence. However, it is true that the Islamic Emirate has diplomatic relations with neighboring and other countries, has participated in various conferences and meetings and presented its stance before the world. From such relations it can most definitely not be derived that the Taliban is subservient to any country, institution or group. It ought to remain clear to the world that the Taliban are independent and require no aid from others.  

The Islamic Emirate is making effort through every possible means to liberate Afghanistan and implement Shariah therein. As well as carrying out a large-scale armed struggle, it is engaging the enemy politically too. The enemy may attempt to tarnish the image of the Mujahideen as they like, they may attempt to misguide the public by presenting the Islamic Emirate’s diplomatic relations with foreign countries as military aid but the public are bound to become aware of the false nature of such claims.  The failure of such propaganda efforts has already disappointed the enemy and will be a means of further disappointment in the future too, Allah Willing.

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