September 21, 2019

Positive step towards accepting realities

Positive step towards accepting realities

One of the core issues for the protraction and complexity of the Afghan problem is the lack of accepting ground realities and turning a blind eye towards it.

The defensive Jihad of the Afghan Mujahid nation against the foreign occupation of Afghanistan and their extraordinary triumph against the most advanced military power (US-NATO) of the world is an undeniable fact.

America, her allies and internal supporters have been consistently trying to deny this reality for the past eighteen years and labelling the Afghan Jihadi resistance against themselves as foreign intervention, ascribing all conquests and progress to others. However, time has illuminated everything to the extent that denial became synonymous with rejecting the sunlight or trying to block it with two fingers, a task unfathomable.

It is extremely fortunate that on the one hand the participation in Moscow conference by former workers of the Kabul administration and strong supporters of the Americans unanimously considered the demand of Islamic Emirate as legitimate and endorsed the call of complete withdrawal of foreign forces. And on the other, the current White House officials have also accepted the ground realities and want to deal with the Afghan issue in the light of those realities.

The State of the Union adress by US president Donald Trump and the use of positive terms for the Taliban are things that give a glimpse of admittance of ground realities of Afghanistan by the White House officials.

During his SOTU speech Donald Trump called the Islamic Emirate as “the other side”, and the use of this term by a US president showcases the deep change in US political narrative from which a positive outcome can be expected in the negotiations process.

The former presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama under the influence of not coming to grips with realities used to call the Taliban (Islamic Emirate) as terrorists and hurled irrational accusations against them during their SOTU speeches.

But now that Donald Trump has refrained from using such terms for the Islamic Emirate and called them “the other side” then this can have a very positive impact on the ongoing negotiations process between the Islamic Emirate and White House alongside it being an acceptance of realities.

The Islamic Emirate believes that the only way of extracting oneself from the ongoing situation is to accept realities and refrain from futile violence and protracting the crisis. The past seventeen-year experience has unequivocally proven that altering military strategies cannot solve issues rather it only complicates them. In hopes that the ongoing initiative to solving the problem continues to be followed so that the long tragedy of our people can find an end and the war-torn nation can finally be afforded an opportunity of peace and development of the country.

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