September 19, 2019

Humiliation of the Kabul Administration

Humiliation of the Kabul Administration

The Islamic Emirate’s delegation presented its stance regarding Afghanistan’s present and future in the Moscow-held conference. Dozens of politicians listened attentively to the stance of Islamic Emirate regarding the Kabul administration and exchanged views. To draw an end to its illegitimate occupation of Afghanistan, America has commenced direct negotiations with the Islamic Emirate in which a basic agreement has been reached thus further damaging the Kabul administration’s international standing, while the Moscow conference served as a sharp strike on its legitimacy.

In extreme fear of isolation, the Kabul administration has now lost its ability to reason. The result is its adoption of a non-serious approach — Ashraf Ghani’s  discussion with a news channel in Kabul and his spokesperson’s childish tweet make evident their perplexed state. As for the invaders, in place of decisions motivated by pride and arrogance they should proceed sensibly and with prudence. Dialogue and discussion ought to be employed to solve the Afghan dispute instead of force. Afghan politicians have likewise been prompted to accept the Islamic Emirate’s stance in accordance with its conditions and declare it the main solution for the establishment of peace in Afghanistan.  

The Afghan public have now heard the Islamic Emirate’s stance regarding the necessity of the establishment of such a sovereign Islamic government for future Afghanistan which is neither hostile to the world nor in opposition to our Islamic and national values. Our relations will be made and maintained with the world in light of Islamic and national interests. We desire to bring progress to all issues concerning economy, education and society in general in a free Islamic environment. On the other hand, there are some people in the Kabul administration who, because of personal interests and ideological differences, consider the Islamic Emirate’s stance unacceptable. These quislings are still contemplating resistance while ninety eight percent of the Afghan public remain in support of the Islamic Emirate’s strategy. Nonetheless, the participation of Afghan political parties in the recent Moscow conference made evident that the quisling administration has now fallen victim to isolation and extremely unfavorable conditions.

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