November 16, 2019

Sacred Stance of Islamic Emirate

Sacred Stance of Islamic Emirate

On February 5th and 6th representatives of Islamic Emirate, renowned politicians and representatives of political parties participated in a peace related conference in Moscow where all the participants supported position of Islamic Emirate, particularly insisting on withdrawal of invaders and establishment of an Islamic system in the country.

At the end of the meeting a join statement was published, emphasizing on the defense of Islamic values and national interests; invaders were highlighted as the main reason of the ongoing war; Islamic system was declared the most prominent form of government; full support was shown to the ongoing talks between the Islamic Emirate and United States along with support for the necessity of removal of leaders of Islamic Emirate from black list and formal recognition of the Political Office of Islamic Emirate.

The unanimous support of claims of Islamic Emirate by this conference has yet again proved that the Islamic Emirate’s policy towards the occupation is our shared national duty. If someone in the past attributed this struggle to others for their own personal gains , they now categorically support the Islamic Emirate’s strategy and viewpoint.

Those who are still trying to stop or slowdown the withdrawal of invaders should end this great national betrayal now, throw their support behind the Islamic Emirate’s stance and show mercy to this oppressed nation and our shared national interests over personal benefits.

The Islamic Emirate which truly represents the Afghan nation has emerged from within the nation and its struggle is completely Islamic and national, has given tremendous sacrifices for independence of the beloved country, prosperity of public and for implementation of Islamic rule and is committed to carrying on its legitimate struggle through all means.

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