September 21, 2019

Opponent of Peace Exposed!

Opponent of Peace Exposed!

Peace and a life of stability and security is the 40-year-old hope of the believing Afghan nation. Over the course of four decades, the Afghan people have been deprived of a peaceful life except for the few brief years during the reign of the Islamic Emirate. Beginning with the Soviet invasion, followed by anarchy of the civil war and then the America invasion were reasons behind peace being usurped from the Afghans. The main factor behind the past 18-year conflict in Afghanistan is the presence of foreign American forces. That the sincere Jihad by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate combined with effective diplomacy has set the stage for the withdrawal of invaders from our homeland, we consider it glad tidings for the war-torn nation and reason for their immense optimism for a peaceful life.

But just when the main driver of this conflict – the foreign invaders – are preparing for a withdrawal, the officials of the stooge Kabul administration and specifically Ashraf Ghani has initiated chants of war. Instead of synchronizing his assertions and arguments, he is reaching for empty rhetoric, yelling, taunts and vilification.

On the 5th and 6th of February 2019, a meeting was arranged between a delegation of Islamic Emirate and a number of domestic politicians, representatives of political parties and influential figures in the Russian capital, Moscow. The gathering was not only widely welcomed by the vast majority of the Afghan nation but hopes about continuation of this process were also expressed. However, the only individual who looked down in contempt upon the peaceful aspirations of this oppressed people, warned of war in this atmosphere of reconciliation and displayed his low self-esteem was the head of the Kabul administration, Ashraf Ghani. Instead of showing respect to the hopes and wishes of this four-decade war ravaged people, he condemned the entire reconciliation process and only insisted on continuation of his rule.

We fail to understand what power he keeps insisting upon for which the stability of Afghanistan must be sacrificed? The rule which garners its legitimacy from the signature of the foreign secretary of another country? A rule which only bears the gifts of oppression, corruption and a wide range of disasters? Or is it the superficial power where the orders by the head of regime are rejected by the most common officer and who cannot remove a governor for months on end?

The Islamic Emirate is of the belief that just as the foreign dimension of this conflict is about to dissipate in the face of the will of this believing nation, the call for a peaceful Islamic Afghanistan shall also overwhelm the voices of war and corruption and all obstacles in front of a prosperous future destined for this nation shall crumble. Hence the uproar by war-mongering figures like Ashraf Ghani must be ignored. Such steps during the current circumstances only lays bear their enmity for peace and it only exposes the true opponents of peace to the nation and history.

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