November 16, 2019

Zenith of Slavery

Zenith of Slavery

Several media outlets reported that the head of Kabul regime – Ashraf Ghani – has requested US president Trump to not withdraw his troops from Afghanistan.

New York Times, an American newspaper writes that Ashraf Ghani has requested Trump through a letter to rethink about withdrawing all of his troops. The newspaper adds that Ghani who is in fear about US troop pullout from Afghanistan, has sent the letter after full consultation with his team however according the newspaper Trump has termed the letter tiring.

New York Times also states that Iraqi officials have welcomed the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq but Ghani is worried about such a possibility for Afghanistan and therefore is begging America to reconsider her options.

Ashraf Ghani won first position in American Slavery the day he signed a contract that dealt Afghanistan to the invaders on the very first day of installation of his administration in Kabul, leading the list of all puppets in history of Afghanistan.

Ghani is looked down upon in the Afghan society and they feel ashamed of him and his team’s absolute servitude to foreigners. Ghani and his team by sending this letter have broken the subjugation record set by Shah Shuja and Babrak Karmal. Afghan people scoff upon any proclaimed Afghan who prefers the interests of others over the interests of Afghan nation and country.

The Afghan nation under the leadership of Islamic Emirate has forced invaders to adopt strategy of leaving of Afghanistan due to the tenacious resistance. Tremendous amount of sacrifices of Afghan nation and valid stance of Islamic Emirate compelled invaders to flee without even consulting their puppets. So whether Ghani wishes or not, the invaders are leaving the country.

The Islamic Emirate assures the nation that safeguarding of honor, life and wealth of its Mujahid nation will be its utmost priority. Colonial puppets have dealt Afghanistan in the past and trying to sell it nowadays in the form of Ghani and others. They have trampled upon Islamic values and sacrificed national interests for their vested interest but the Islamic Emirate will not allow any puppet group or individual to play with fate of the nation any longer.

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