December 06, 2019

Determination of the Islamic Emirate

Determination of the Islamic Emirate

From the very outset of the Islamic Emirate’s noble struggle it had adopted an Islamic and unified stance, through which it has succeeded in safeguarding Afghanistan and its believing people from much difficulty. This became especially apparent when under the leadership of the global tyrant, America, various Western powers imposed an unjust and unnecessary war on Afghanistan. Accordingly, the Islamic Emirate commenced its religious obligation of jihad and has been offering historic sacrifices since. Despite facing countless martyrdoms, harsh imprisonments, physical and psychological torture, and other such hardships, the Islamic Emirate did not draw back from its fundamental stance and just struggle.

The imperial powers, neighbors and enslaved quislings, through various schemes, attempted to place obstacles before the Islamic Emirate’s objectives. However, by the Grace and Favor of Allah, the Islamic Emirate devastated all enemy plots, thereby demonstrating its determination against even a numerically and militarily superior foe. And thus was the aggressing enemy eventually forced into making admission of its humiliating defeat and beginning peace negotiations. 

On the other hand, some war-mongering circles are attempting to sabotage the peace efforts and uphold foreign presence in Afghanistan through various means. The Islamic Emirate has made clear many a time that efforts will continue on every level to liberate our country and for the implementation of an Islamic system. Such a system shall be established which will be Islamic, as well as representative of all ethnic groups; which will secure Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and unity; will halt the oppression of the oppressor; give to the oppressed their rights; and will free the public from reliance on others in the educational, medical and other fields.

The Islamic Emirate refuses to accept that which stands in opposition to its Islamic values and national interests. Let the enemy refrain from thinking that the Islamic Emirate will step aside from its noble stance. Rather, it is firm upon its stance even today and in the future too this firmness shall remain, God Willing.

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