September 21, 2019

Negotiations Process and Hope of Nation

Negotiations Process and Hope of Nation

From the time American officials accepted ground realities of Afghanistan and began direct talks with the political representatives of the Islamic Emirate, effective negotiations were initiated by both parties about ending the American occupation. And with it, the aspirations of the Afghan nation were revived and their hopes for an independent, Islamic and peaceful Afghanistan revitalized.

The reason for the optimism by the Afghan nation for a prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan is due to reports about withdrawal of foreign forces during the negotiations process as well as statement by the Secretary of State regarding seriousness of US administration in bringing all forces home, the chief reason behind the war being the presence and operations by foreign forces. The Afghan public and all scholars agree that with the pullout of foreign forces, the cause of war is removed and the people will be afforded a chance for a peaceful life after 40 years of conflict, Allah willing.

As the time has come to reap the fruits of our Jihad, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – just as it has waged armed Jihad with complete courage, sincerity and selflessness for the defense of national sovereignty and sacrificed everything to protect our religious-cultural heritage – has taken dutiful steps in the field of politics and diplomacy to ending occupation, governance modality, peace and the religious and material well-being of our nation. And it is committed to pursuing this process with complete vigilance, acumen and principles.

In order that the hopes of our oppressed and God-fearing nation are not trampled upon this time around, all sides are urged to treat this opportunity in a responsible manner. And since the most significant part of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of America therefore the American officials must understand that they are not dealing with a group or a political movement, but the ongoing process entails the life and settlement of an entire nation and country. The current war is destroying the lives and property of ordinary people every day, and these losses are not only affecting the Afghans but the America administration and public have also been bearing the brunt of this war for the past seventeen years.

Hence it is an ethical responsibility that the current negotiations process is pushed in a positive direction. Focus should on given to achieving vital outcomes instead of trivial and tactical issues so that the hopes of millions of people towards this process are not dashed, whose only wish is to live a peaceful life in their motherland in accordance with their own values. We pray and are hopeful that this time the Lord Almighty (SwT) will fulfill the aspirations of our oppressed nation, a life with honor and integrity.

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